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  1. travel_murse

    Online or On campus?

    I don't know how far you are from Louisville, but Galen has a great program that is hybrid - Most classes are online, even nursing theory courses. They also accepted a lot of my transfer credits, so I only need 51 credits to bridge.
  2. travel_murse

    LPN to RN/BSN online

    WGU has a prelicensure to BSN program online. It is accredited in all 50 states, unlike ISU and EC. The only downside is that their clinical sites are in a few select states, (Which you can travel to, to complete.) But if you are willing to travel once a semester to complete the clinical hours, the rest is online. The program has 10 prereq's but all can be completed online, (they actually give you the links to accredited bodies to complete said requirements.)
  3. travel_murse

    Is LVN not enough for you!

    Oh, the fabulous railroad life that society places on you... Society: You're dating? Marry! Society: Renting an apartment? Buy a house! Check and check! Now that you have met these requirements, please move on to tier 2. Society: Do you have children? No! Society: Get some! No! Society: SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU IF YOU DON'T WANT CHILDREN! YOU WILL DIE ALONE! The end. All nursing jobs can be stressful, whether you are an LPN, RN, NP.. it doesn't matter. Find your niche and live your life!
  4. travel_murse

    How far in advance do you get your class/clinical schedule?

    We receive notice of our class schedule and clinical dates/locations 1 week before the next term starts. For instance, I start my next term on 8/14/2018, and we just received our schedules on Tuesday, 8/8/18.
  5. travel_murse

    How many hours do you study for?

    I work full time and go to nursing school full time + clinical rotation and I study only during exam weeks - (Every other week) about 2 hours per night. I pay attention in lecture, take notes and am lucky enough to retain I guess. There are a lot of students that are doing very poorly who come to class 5 hours before lecture, sit and study.. but like the previous posts state, it's not the quantity of hours but the quality.
  6. travel_murse

    2018-2019 Student LPN Roll Call

    I just started my LPN course here in Portland, OR - on March 19th. I am entering week 5 and am going through my first round of Midterms.. I work M-F 30 hours a week & my program is Mon-Thurs, about 4-6 hours each day. It is a lot of studying, but I feel that this program is setting us up to succeed - So far, I am not overwhelmed, as I have read many posts about people working and going through their programs / feeling pressured. My first term classes are: Pharmacology Medical Terminology A&P Nursing Fundamentals Nursing Lab

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