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  1. ff_king2001

    Critical Care NP Question

    Hello, I am a NP currently working with a hospitalist group. Before working with this hospitalist group I had been working for 2 years with a pulmonary critical care group at a bigger teaching hospital. While I have worked in critical care both as an RN and an NP I still wanted to get some other perspectives on critical care as this is an area that im wanting to start back working in 1. What are some big differences between working as an NP in critical care at a teaching hospital vs. a bigger non-teaching hospital? 2. Are most of you working in a closed unit type setting or more as a consult service for critical care needs? 3. As far as procedures it seems that CVC, Alines, and intubations are fairly standard. What about chest tubes, vas-caths, or maybe in neuro placing EVD catheters, are NP's doing them or Attending's? 4. If you were looking at a new NP critical care job what are some key questions you would ask or things you would look for to make sure you were taking the right job? Thank you all for your help. Please feel free to answer any or all of the questions.
  2. ff_king2001

    ICU Nurse Practitioners in teaching hospitals

    Am wondering about ICU NP's in teaching hospitals. -In general how much autonomy do you have? -As far as bedside procedures what ones are you doing? -What hospital do you work at? -Pay range? Thank you
  3. ff_king2001

    ICU NP's in the Northwest

    Thank you for the input. I came from the south east and was working in a ICU position there and really miss it. Thank you again.
  4. ff_king2001

    ICU NP's in the Northwest

    Was wondering if there are may ICU NP's in the northwest. Specifically Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Oregon. Looking to see what the job market is like and where the hospitals are that are hiring. Thank you

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