ICU NP's in the Northwest

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Was wondering if there are may ICU NP's in the northwest. Specifically Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Oregon. Looking to see what the job market is like and where the hospitals are that are hiring.

Thank you

I've worked at 2 different hospital systems in WA and have not seen NP's in the critical care setting. All the NP's I have had contact with were either specialty or hospitalists in the med/surg/tele units. Some of the more experienced NP's sometimes had a couple patients in the PCU in collaboration with the intencivist MD.

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A former ICU NP who worked with us in San Francisco moved to Oregon a few years ago and works as an ICU NP at OHSU.

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Thank you for the input. I came from the south east and was working in a ICU position there and really miss it. Thank you again.

NPs exist in some CCUs around the Seattle area. The role is expanding to others as well. PM me if you want system names.

Hi Dranger,

Could you send me system names in Seattle? Just accepted for post masters AGACNP. I can't send PMs yet 'cause of the 15 post rule - I'm working on it.

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