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  1. Seattle University AGACNP

    this afternoon I got an invite to interview. I didn't know they were interviewing when i applied. You hear anything yet?
  2. ICU NP's in the Northwest

    I've worked at 2 different hospital systems in WA and have not seen NP's in the critical care setting. All the NP's I have had contact with were either specialty or hospitalists in the med/surg/tele units. Some of the more experienced NP's sometimes ...
  3. DEA license, apply now or when offered a job?

    I got my DEA # in one week and another classmate of mine also got hers in one weeks time. We are both in different states. I was glad I had mine before my first job, and they reimbursed me for the DEA licensing.
  4. Telephonic NP with optum health

    bklynbaby, Does this pay include bonuses to equal the 120k? i'm currently being offered around 110k for salary for the ltc position.
  5. UHC NP job info

    Hi Jamijlewis, Did you end up taking this position? Im considering the same here on the West side. base salary offer: $110k benefits: healthcare isn't that great so i'm staying w/ my partner's health/dental and they do have a retirement plan - I nee...
  6. RE: New NP grad/new job=HUGE ANXIETY!

    Hi Duckfan23, Have you stayed with this position? I'm considering a similar role as a newer NP. Thanks.
  7. United Healthcare Housecalls

    Does anyone have experience working with optum on the LTC side? How was it?
  8. Any Optum NPs out there?

    Do you happen to know how the bonuses work there? I am looking into a position here on the Western US w/ Optum as a NP.
  9. Anyone work for OptumHealth / UnitedHealth Group?

    Do you happen to know how the NP's that work in the LTC's feel about their workload/pay?
  10. Seattle University AGACNP

    Anyone else apply for 2018 admission? Wanted to see how everyone else is doing and maybe "meet" some other applicants to see how everything goes. Good luck!
  11. Seattle University AGACNP

    Anyone else submit an application for Fall 2018 post-masters ACNP at SU? I was hoping to "meet" some others and see how things go.
  12. Acute NP schools?

    You could seek out a dual FNP/AGACNP program, but that would be outside WA state. From what I know there are no hospitals on the western side that have peds and adults inpatient together. Most all patients are taken to either a Childrens Hospital or ...
  13. Credentialing/recert

    1. Look into your states BON requirements 2. AANP is a -C and ANCC is -BC
  14. What's it like? Home Health Nurse Practitioner

    Maybe it depends in the area you live in. I know in the Northwest there are many adult family homes and so there are NP's that work with smaller organizations that go out to some assisted living facilities and adult family homes. depending on the sch...
  15. How much is the average RN salary in Seattle?

    When I was working as a RN in Seattle with 3-4 years experience, certification pay and not taking benefits on per diem I was making ~$40/hr but a lot of times I would also have a student or new hire with me which gave me additional $1/hr, or staying ...