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  1. a_squared

    Microbiology Online in NC

    Hi! I realized that I can't send PMs because I haven't been annointed as acceptable yet by AllNurses. I took the course with Dr. Furr-Rogers and would recommend it. Everything is pretty straightforward. I mean, it's a typical online course, so, most of it requires self-direction and motivation. There is an online lab portion (Late Nite Labs), coursework through Microbiology Connect (multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions), forum/class discussions to answer, and onlne tests. The tests are proctored. I took mine at home with a lockdown browser and laptop camera. I have four children and worked part-time (24 hours/week) while taking the course. I took it concurrently with Statistics and Chemistry (and earned As in everything), so it can be done. :) Let me know if have any other questions!
  2. a_squared

    Microbiology Online in NC

    Stanly Community College is accredited and has an online Microbiology course (BIO 275 and is 4 units). I took the course and would recommend it. Feel free to PM me for more information (I would post the professor's name, but I think it will just get deleted).
  3. a_squared

    Summer class advice

    Take the two classes over the summer. Will it be challenging? Yes. Can you get it done? Also, yes. You seem smart and capable. Go for it.
  4. a_squared

    Anatomy & Physiology online

    I took A&P I and II (4 units each) online through Stanly CC (regionally accredited and in North Carolina). You complete lab work online via Pearson's Mastering A&P. All exams, midterm, and final are proctored. I had mine proctored at a public library.