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  1. Sparty77

    GWU ABSN/VBSN Spring 2019 Cohort

    Got my acceptance letter today woot woot
  2. Sparty77

    MSU Accelerated Nursing

    Hello Kat, thanks for your responses, I appreciate the insight. That's interesting to know in regard to the waiting list. I must have been pretty low on the waiting list then unfortunately. Also, I can only imagine how intense the program is for completion in such a short time. Best of luck to you guys though and congrats again. I know you will all make great nurses :).
  3. Sparty77

    GVSU 2nd Degree Nursing

    Hello everyone, I am currently looking to apply for GVSU 2nd degree nursing program and am curious if anyone has any information on it. I am also curious as to if anyone would be aware of the chances for a non-GVSU student to be accepted. I ask this due to two factors. First, they have a couple of what I would call random prerequisite requirements, for example a Human Genetics course. I am not arguing that it is not important to know for nursing but it is literally the only nursing school I have seen with a genetics course as a requirement for a 2nd degree nursing program. Also, a large part of determining who is accepted depends on what they call a "Laker Score" and this score is based on how many credits you have received from GVSU (up to 21 credits). So, given these factors I wonder if it would even be worth it to try? GPA currently is a 3.3 with a prerequisite GPA at about 3.6 (still would need to take a genetics course). Just curious if there are any non-GVSU students who got into the program or if that is rarely a situation that occurs. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. Sparty77

    MSU Accelerated Nursing

    Hello everyone. Just curious, Anyone on the waiting list end up getting in? I was put on the waiting list and told that most years the entire waiting list ends up getting a chance to enroll the program but I never heard anything unfortunately. Best of luck to all of you that got into the program and hope that all is going well. Thanks
  5. Sparty77

    MSU Accelerated Nursing

    Thanks Kat. That is pretty much what they told me. Wouldn't tell me where I was at on the waiting list unfortunately though... So just keeping fingers crossed something opens up by May 10th!
  6. Sparty77

    MSU Accelerated Nursing

    Anybody on the wait list get in? Currently on it but haven't heard anything. They said they can take people all the way up until orientation though...