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  1. CazAndTea

    CNA Required before RN?

    I know the response is late and I apologize; I am currently at Georgia State University, and I have not heard anything about a CNA being required to apply to the Nursing school, but I just had two nurses tonight swear up and down it was a pre-req for Nursing school. Thank you again though for your response!
  2. CazAndTea

    CNA Required before RN?

    I apologize for not replying! Thank you for the responses! Yeah, not all schools require a CNA prior to a nursing program but I appreciate the feed-back.
  3. CazAndTea

    CNA Required before RN?

    Hello, I'm interested in becoming a registered nurse, but I've been told by two BSN nurses that the state of Georgia now requires nurses to obtain their CNA before they can be accepted into a nursing program. Currently, I'm a high school student and I've been creating a plan to get my nursing degree in the future, but I curious to know if I have to get my CNA first (trying to get an idea of how long I will need to be in school and costs). Thanks!