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    Straight A students..

    I'm going to be honest... I'm a major oddball! I actually shocked people when I said I was going to do nursing. With that being said... College Algebra: A Microbiology: A Chemistry 1 & 2: A Statistics: A English and Psych: I passed these with AP in HS! Dev Psych: A Human Nutrition: A Drum roll: I barely made B's in BOTH A&P I & II. I honestly have major memorization trouble with some of the core concepts because I have not taken Organic Chemistry which really makes everything harder for me to visualize and understand the Physiology, further, memorizing diagrams and models is just not my thing! This all being said, I have a wonderful GPA and many colleges are not worried about it. OP, do the best you can and excel in what you are good at. Don't let one subject or class stand in the way of your career goals. - I will add that I am a student in my (technically) third semester of college and I am only 18 years old. I took Dual Enrollment when I was in high school so that's why a lot of my credits are completed so early. I genuinely do not believe I am a genius and I did not study for each subject 3+ hours a day. I wish I did I might have done better in A&P but I don't believe this is the end of the world.
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    Single mother, full time student, full time employee!

    What a beautiful story! This is so late but so heartwarming to read! I'm sorry for your loss, but I am happy that you overcame it!
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    Living paycheck to paycheck

    Not a nurse (yet!), but I have seen this situation happen before. As some others have said, find a better workplace. You're an RN; you have experience, even if that experience in your particular area isn't what they're looking for, you can still be precepted. Find critical care, ED, or better-paying positions that can allow you more wiggle-room financially. You may end up having to work the 3-12's at a hospital to break even financially and daycare your child some days but at the end, raising your little one, having a decent place to call "home" (whether house or rent), and demanding better for your colleagues (finding a better paying job) does yourself and everyone here a major service. Stop letting people take advantage of you, and live your life the way you should!
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    Leaving nursing

    Sadly, I think this might be another one of those "one thread wonders" where the OP doesn't reply to any of the great comments and suggestions anymore.
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    Opinion: Is Nursing considered STEM Why or Why Not?

    Well, that is true! Thank you for enlightening me. I do find it interesting that they consider some finance-related subjects in STEM despite none of the math, in particular, being too "advanced." Though using representative data and organizing exponential functions is a little beyond the average day-to-day "typical" nursing job. I have to agree again that nursing does have that social component that truly elevates itself. Thank you also for your insight as a previous social worker and how that relates to this topic. This was actually very insightful as well. Thank you for your input! I have to agree that nursing does encompass a social aspect that uniquely utilizes STEM. That was funny! -- Thank you all for contributing your opinions to this topic. It has opened my eyes even more than I previously thought. I now understand better why Nursing may not fall under STEM in strict conditions.
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    Pain Management Fellowships for CRNAs?

    I'm a curious student enquiring about specific fields and prospects. As such, I have done some research and came across the following: https://www.aana.com/ce-education/pain-management/advanced-pain-management-fellowship-program. So... this is something I have never heard about; are there CRNAs that own pain management clinics and work in the same scope of practice as a pain management physician? I am aware that pain management physician anesthesiologists also make considerably more than traditional physician anesthesiologists? Is the same true for these fellowship-trained CRNAs? Thank you if anyone responds!
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    Go Fund Me

    I bet if BladeMDA from SDN saw this post... oh I'd need to get some popcorn for this one! Student here, no dog in this fight one way or the other.
  8. Earlier, and about, I stumbled across multiple sources claiming that nursing is not a STEM major. I found the fact they stated that to be somewhat insulting and that those people genuinely have only a vague idea of what nursing is. Is nursing science-based? Of course, nursing is science-based! We take a lot of the same pre-requisites that medical students do, and most of the "hard" sciences are not "allied health" nursing classes that the majority assume they are. We have to take the same Chemistries; most require a math class (many are demanding Statistics as well as pre-calculus... some I have seen need calculus), nurses also take Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, and several various clinical sciences about the nursing field. Technology? Go into an ICU, find out for yourself. Of course, nursing is technology-based, and it is becoming more than ever! Nurses today have to learn the mechanics and inner workings of so many medical chartings and screenings as well as the machines that are keeping people alive and those machine's functions. Overall, there are few fields more technology-based than nursing. Engineering? In the classical sense, nursing isn't engineering. However, that is a particular subgroup, and one could argue that nursing does have to work with technology to in many cases, keep a patient alive. Mathematics? Nursing is very math-focused in many areas. Drug calculations and dosages are everyday math that nurses have to chart and be aware of that can very well interfere with a patient's wellbeing. Several other factors could also be considered mathematical. Are we engineers or accountants? No. But is it a field that uses mathematics daily? Absolutely! I believe the above reasons should qualify for nursing for "STEM." Further, we have a shortage of trained nurses in this country to meet the demand of today's healthcare system; why not consider it a STEM profession especially given the real need of them in today's society? Additionally, supporting women by counting them as a STEM field would increase the numbers and provide scholarships for women in healthcare across the nation. I fail to see why many academic institutions frown upon today's nurses given that it is no longer a "female-only" profession, it no longer provides horrible pay comparatively (it won't necessarily buy you a Ferrari, but it will very much so allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle in many locations), and it provides a real value to society.