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  1. Camjayjayy

    Pretty much failed A&P2..

    Hi guys, thank you for our responses. I’m still quite unsure what to do, but I got a C in the class. That doesn’t cut it because i needed a C+ 😪 I have to break the news to my parents soon and I know they’ll be pretty upset. The least I can do now is try to retake this course this or next summer in 2020. I do want to ask, would it be a bad idea to wait until next year to retake a summer class?
  2. Camjayjayy

    Pretty much failed A&P2..

    It looks like my freshman year has been pretty much a failure at this point for my first year in nursing school. I nearly passed A&P 1 with a C+. However with A&P2, i've just finished my final and looks like i'm at the D+ to C range instead. These sciences has never been my strong suit and am just wondering should I change my major at this point?? My mom is the one who really wanted me to major in nursing given she's a nurse herself so I feel bad for failing the class and wasting her money. I feel pretty lost right now not knowing what to do next at this point. Would it be wise to try and change majors now or try continue to pursue this degree?

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