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  1. Need Support/Advice

    Hey everyone, I'm posting because I could really use some support right now. This situation has got me vacillating between depression and anxiety. I can't eat, sleep, hang out with friends - all I can do is ruminate and worry about what my future hol...
  2. CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    Has anyone heard back after speed interview from ED? I was told we'd be notified by Wednesday (yesterday) but no avail...does this mean unsaid rejection? Is it annoying to call the recruiter and clarify?
  3. CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    For those of you who were offered an in-person interview, did anyone ask for a video interview instead?
  4. Providence TIP Program April 2019

    Congrats!!!! And thank you so much for your help ? Best of luck to you!!!
  5. Providence TIP Program April 2019

    Thank you hopefulnew! Did you get an interview or not sure yet? ?
  6. Providence TIP Program April 2019

    Hi everyone! I'm applying for the next cycle and I am wondering if they require only 3 references or actually 3 letters of recommendation? What do people do if they didn't have a recent employer? Thanks!
  7. UCLA New Grad Residency Program Winter 2019

    Hello, I'm applying for the next round of the residency, and was hoping someone could tell me if you apply to 2 separate applications, or it's just one application for 2 units? AKA can I attach cover letter/resumes specific to the unit, or just one s...