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  1. PediatricMA

    Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    Hi Nursing2019! I've been with the clinic for a few years now and I love it. I don't know much about the nurse residency program as i am just a medical assistant so I cant give you an opinion on that specifically. I can tell you that almost all of my coworkers are awesome supportive people that i am lucky to work with. The cleveland clinic does have some of issuses as does anywhere such as office politics or communication. CC also has a lot of really good programs and benefits that people don't know about or utilize often. Anyways welcome to the CC family and good luck
  2. PediatricMA

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    So I've read that this is going to extend further then just abortion. Sign language interpreters can refuse to translate information about birth control. EMTs can refuse to treat. A caregiver can refuse to help dress a disabled transgender person in the clothes of their preference. Is there going to be laws and rules next that police can protect who they choose? Or teachers are only going to teach children that share their beliefs? People in healthcare help others in their hardest of times. I just don't agree with it.
  3. PediatricMA

    Is it wrong to leave a job during orientation?

    I feel like yeah it sucks for the company and all of the workers because the hiring and training process can take forever. But i agree with Jedrnurse, I would rather have someone leave during orientation or as soon as they figure out that job isn't for them.
  4. PediatricMA

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    Has anyone heard of this? Its saying that basically ANY healthcare worker has the right as of July 22nd to refuse care to a patient due to the healthcare worker's moral beliefs or religion. I'm so confused. First of all we as healthcare workers are here to help EVERYONE. Most people think it will effect LGBTQ or women, which I can definitely see happening. I mean rapists are against my morals so does that mean I can refuse treatment? I've been looking this up trying to find some clarification. On the NPR website it states "Last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put out a new rule that "implements full and robust enforcement" of existing laws that protect what the administration calls "conscience rights" for health care workers. The rule is set to go into effect on July 22." https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/06/11/730659035/-patients-will-die-one-county-s-challenge-to-trump-s-conscience-rights-rule https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/28/politics/legal-challenge-hhs-conscience-objection-rule/index.html I added two links of articles I have found on it, still confused though. Any thoughts or facts you guys have?
  5. PediatricMA

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    I'm not sure, I don't think they do. I haven't been a CNA in years.
  6. PediatricMA

    A & P 1 Lab

    Khan academy! They are very useful and its free. Also Pinterest, i know that sounds weird but you can find almost anything on there. I would print out the different systems i found on there and put them on my binder. Best of luck
  7. PediatricMA


    Really? My college encourages us to retake classes if we can get a better grade because it helps our GPA. Is there anyway to talk to a counselor to see file an appeal to get some bad grades off from classes you don't need. My college also does that and i'm appealing a computer class i took eight years ago that I don't need and has nothing to do with a nursing degree. I was actually told to do it by a counselor. So maybe make an appointment with an academic counselor
  8. PediatricMA


    I would look into retaking a few classes to try and get higher grades in them. Or taking classes that you would need to graduate but not necessarily be in the program for, such as an A&P class or a math. this will help your GPA a lot. Good luck!
  9. PediatricMA

    Microbiology this summer. Am I crazy?

    i'm taking A&P 2 this summer. 4 days a week 6pm-10pm, I know it'll be a lot on top or a full time job but it'll be worth it! So will your class. It'll be done and out of the way and you'll be able to focus on other classes since they won't all be piled on top of each other. My advice is as long as you're confident that you will be able to do it, have the motivation to do it and hopefully have a good teacher you'll be just fine
  10. PediatricMA

    Sober Living

    I grew up in a very strict sheltered home. My mom was a single mother of three and my whole family, aunts, cousins, grandpa all had a history of addiction so she wanted to keep my brothers away from it all. I understand what and why she did the things she did but it only made me curious. I don't have an addictive personality but as soon as I could I was out making stupid decisions that could of potentially led to an addiction or even worse. My thoughts are be open about it. I know that if I would have felt like my mother trusted me and allowed me to go hangout with people then I wouldn't have been so curious. Trust your parenting skills, let him know that no matter what he can talk to you or call you in a scary situation. If I felt like I could of called my mom in different situations things might of been different.
  11. PediatricMA

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    Sometimes you can work as a CNA in a hospital, but thats usually when you already have experience. Those shifts tend to be more flexible too, three 12s instead of the normal doctor office hours. Daily tasks as a MA: Assess my doctor's schedule every morning/ the evening before and make sure I have all of the paperwork and tests ordered and scheduled properly ahead of time Take a summary on why they are seeing the doctor Take necessary vitals Review medications and allergies Make sure all of my rooms are cleaned and stocked I run UAs if needed Keep inventory Some MAs draw blood (we have a lab in our office so I don't need to) Assist with procedures Now all doctors offices are different but this is what i do at mine. I also go lucky with my schooling, I don't know if there are any programs like that around you. Daily tasks as a CNA: Review what hall you are assigned to for your shift Review what residents needs bathed for that shift Assist residents with toileting Laundry for your hall that day Transition residents to and from their bed/ wheelchair/ chairs Rotate residents periodically to prevent bed sore Help residents with meals Help other coworkers with their residents because a lot of people are a two person lift Pass food trays This will be different depending on where you go. I only have nursing home experience so I can't speak on the hospital side. I loved most of my residents and I made me very tough working as a CNA, but I would never do it again. Absolutely horrible management, crap pay, rude coworkers that don't even show up half of the time. And honestly I would get the *** beat out of me on a regular basis as a CNA. The worst was my 2nd day at a new nursing home where me and two other girls were trying to change a man and he kicked me in the throat. Yeah no thanks.
  12. PediatricMA

    No electrictonics? How’s your work place

    I would take to your employer about your situtation. Most understand that you do have a life outside of work and emergencies do happen. If they won't budge on it, I would take it even higher up as it seems necessary. Also I would give your family and friends your work phone number just in case.
  13. PediatricMA

    Adequate enough??

    Thank you CalicoKitty! I feel like 3 12s would be so nice. I'm still working on the leaving work at work part, that is a big personal struggle. That's probably honestly why I always feel so emotionally drained
  14. PediatricMA

    Hello, any medical assistant out there?

    Even if shes getting a degree that is ridiculous! I know a girl who got a degree to be an MA and I got a certification. Her schooling was 2 years, mine was 6 months. I make more then her. Sounds like your friend is going to the wrong school.
  15. PediatricMA

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    I'm a medical assistant and my program was 6 months. But 6 months straight, Monday-Friday. I also was a CNA and that class was 2 weeks. As a CNA you are going to be doing the grueling dirty work. You learn a lot really fast on the floor and it really helps determine if you can make it as a nurse. As a medical assistant we help coordinated doctors offices, inventory, scheduling issues, rooming intakes, vitals, injections and stuff like that. Pay wise I make twice as much as a MA then I did as an CNA. I don't work weekends, evenings or holiday as I did as an CNA. Also as a CNA you most likely will work in a nursing home, which definitely has its own pros and cons. Overall I think either one will give you a good perspective of the field, and I personally love my job and learn way more now then I did as a CNA