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  1. whats the nursing program like and what prerequisites doid you have to do in order to get admitted? ty!
  2. Lanita.rg

    experiences as an LVN

    hello everyone, I was thinking of applying to my community colleges LVN program, and get experience to prepare for RN. what is it like as an LVN? is it easy to find jobs as one, and where? I live in CA
  3. Hello, my community colleges (ADN) nursing program gives CMA, EMT, PSYCH AIDES to name a few 5 points towards the application point system and only 2 for CNA & HHA. Why is that? I know it has to do something about certification ... but what else? This is one reason I plan to get my CMA certificate. Ty in advance!😬
  4. Hey everyone, I want to know what would make me stand out as a candidate for my colleges RN nursing program. I am thinking of becoming a CNA during the summer by taking a course at another community college. Will this help out in any way? Or should i just focus on the academics? Thnx. :)
  5. Lanita.rg

    Should I start as a CNA and work my way up to RN?

    No... as much as i would like to move my finances wont allow it ...yet
  6. Hello, I just wanted some opinions on what i should do. So i am a nursing major & i am debating whether i should start as a cna, then lpn, then rn. My community colleges rn program is very competitive, (as well as other local community colleges here in Cali) and i just don't want to be placed on a waiting list and wait 2 or more years to finally get accepted into the program so i wanted to know if anyone has climbed the ladder and what they think... I'm seriously in a pickle right now. Thanks in advance