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  1. tinky471

    Did anyone ever refuse a trip w/patient?

    I never travel with the family. I have a family as well. I also can't afford to work for free and working 24 hours, that's not safe for my patient. When the family has a vacation or travel plans, I don't schedule to work. If my agency put me on the schedule knowing I don't travel that's a risk that they took considering I don't travel. In nearly 20 years of nursing, I've never had to travel with a family. I've done travel nursing but that was something I wanted to do and not something I was forced to do for free over a 24 hour period against my will.
  2. tinky471

    Do I have the right refuse this client?

    I'm not a lawyer but as an employee and not a doctor, you have the right to refuse to come to work no matter the job, including there. Now if you arrive on the job and accept the case, you then leave without giving report to someone, you can be charged with abandonment. That said, if you refuse this case, you probably still can be terminated as in most places you can be terminated for any and no reason. The job just might have to still pay you for unemployment benefits however. Personally, I wouldn't work for an agency who was abusive let alone a client for them. I love what I do and my weakness is I generally care and get attached to my clients. I feel like each and every one is like caring for my family member; however, I am also a mother and my children are my most important clients in the world. I'd have to make the decision of do I really want to take vermin home to my babies? If you're asking the question, you have reservations. I don't know if I'd go back for my family's sake. Be blessed.
  3. tinky471

    Downtime during school

    That's actually not why're you're there (is it?). I'm not sure, I work at night.
  4. tinky471

    Downtime during school

    I actually disagree with this because, in my experience, when you begin doing these things that are NOT your duty as a favor, it BECOMES your duty regardless of how busy you are. For example, teacher now decides, since the nurse is beginning to grade papers as a favor, she no longer grades them and your patient takes a turn for the worse and on that day, you are so busy with your patient, you don't get to grade the papers. The teacher may actually get upset because you didn't get to the papers losing sight of the actual reason why you are there. Another experience of mine is you are setting the standard for the nurses coming after you. You start doing teacher aide duties, then the nurse after you who refuses may get hostilities because "well, the nurse before you did it" etc. I'm more of a 'by the book' nurse and often conflict with nurses who do unethical or illegal things. An example is I had a patient come to me to give them medication to administer to a resident. The medication was to be given on the next shift. How am I to put my signature on such a medication without verifying it was given? I leave at 11, they "promised" to give it at 12 (an hour after I'm gone) but wanting me to sign for it anyway. When I explained the reason I needed to get a supervisor and the reason I couldn't just hand it over, the first thing the family member stated was "everyone else does it." Turns out everyone else was doing it wrong.