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  1. What happens after NCLEX?

    Hey everyone ? I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I cannot find anything official online regarding this topic. I took the NCLEX on April 14 and found out I passed 2 days later. Besides my license information on DCA license search, I haven't rec...
  2. Hello! Long-time lurker here! I am currently in the process of obtaining a license by endorsement for AZ from CA. I recently sent in all of the required documents to the brn and physically mailed out my fingerprint card. I have been checking my AZ p...
  3. Need answers regarding care plans.

    Hello! I am in my 1st semester of nursing school and am a complete novice to the health field. We have only touched on care plans a couple of times so far this semester, but we were just being fed bits and pieces at a time. We have not been given any...