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    Doesn't Want 12 hr shifts

    Thank you so much, that was helpful. i am IEN and was working as RN prior to coming to Canada. However my Canadian experience is as RPN . I will look into the options you mentioned or I might switch to a casual work for now. Thank you again
  2. rosey rosey

    Western schools online courses

    Hi everyone, I am a new to the Canadian nursing and was wondering if the courses taken online from WESTERN SCHOOLS in USA accepted here in Canada as proof of continuing education evidence? Thank you
  3. rosey rosey

    NCLEX for IENs in Canada

    Thank you
  4. rosey rosey

    NCLEX for IENs in Canada

    hello everyone, I am an IEN working in Canada (Ontario) as RPN in acute medical unit in a hospital. I got my eligibility to write the NCLEX finally! I am not sure on how to prepare for it and where to start from? Is it better if I work on my own or to attend a prep. course? and how early can someone register for an exam date? Are there dates available to chose from for 2018? Thank you ;;
  5. rosey rosey

    NCLEX for IENs in Canada

    Thank you, I have gone through good number of posts that were great, however, I was thinking of more specific information about IENs in Ontario as we might need more intense study preparation because of differences in nursing programs. Thank you again

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