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  1. espikey

    Schevier Homecare/MJHS Homecare

    Anyone have any experience working for either Schevier Homecare Services or MJHS in the Bronx? If so how are the working conditions? Patient load? Work hours and benefits? Thanks!
  2. espikey

    Visiting Nurse Service of New York

    Acute care is basically short term care- you are seeing a patient for a few visits up to a couple of months to either monitor their stability, provide wound care or treatments, and/or provide teaching of medications and disease maintenance. Long term care is managing a patient over years, providing ongoing monitoring and management of their healthcare needs. espikey
  3. espikey

    Confirmation from state?

    I received a confirmation from NYS approximately 10 days after sending out the form (of course this just means they received it, not necessarily processed it). Most schools automatically send out the course completion form to your state, as long as you gave them the form to fill out and passed the course. Hope this helps, espikey :)
  4. espikey

    To all New Yorkers!!- Join me

    As an LPN, I would check out any local LTC facilities in your area and give them a call. Not all hospitals hire LPNs, so that would require more research. I believe Montefiore and the HHC hospitals do hire LPNs. If your looking for part-time or per diem work, know that they will expect you to have a few years under your belt. Hospitals might ask you for letters of recommendations, but usually they just call your previous jobs to verify employment (in my experience). Hope this helps, espikey
  5. espikey

    What hospitals are hiring for LPN's in NYC????

    Check out Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. espikey :nuke:
  6. espikey

    Some Hospitals in NJ not hiring LPNs ?

    Holy Name does not hire LPN's. espikey
  7. espikey

    Reciprocity Question

    Correct...Apply for reciprocity and you will be licensed in both states. espikey :)
  8. espikey

    How much do NY nurses make?

    The NYSNA website offers these courses online. espikey
  9. espikey

    NY + NJ dual licensure??

    Correct. You can take your boards in NY and later apply for endorsement in NJ, allowing you to have a license in both states. So get your license first from NY's Office of Professions, and once you have that in hand go to the NJ Board of Nursing website to download an application for endorsement and follow the instructions. espikey
  10. espikey

    Where to take boards? Grad in NY moving to NJ

    You cannot work in NJ with a NY license. You would have to apply for reciprocity with the NJ Board of Nursing, which can take up to six weeks. espikey
  11. espikey

    what is comfort care only?

    In reading this thread, I'm a bit confused- what is the difference between comfort care and hospice? espikey
  12. espikey

    What is the best Medical terminology Text to purchase?

    Ditto. Taber's has always had everything I was looking for. espikey :)
  13. espikey

    Can you answer this????

    As far as I know, an LPN cannot flush or administer meds through a PICC line in the state of New York. espikey :)
  14. espikey

    Is there cheap insurance for students?

    The Nurses Services Organization also offers reasonable insurance. Check it out here: http://www.nso.com/ espikey
  15. espikey

    How much do NY nurses make?

    LPN or RN salaries?
  16. espikey

    How much do NY nurses make?

    The NCLEX is the same in every state, it is only the requirements to take the test that are different. espikey