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  1. Medic6940

    Finishing Excelsior ADN Soon, BSN concerns

    Thank you. OK that makes me feel better. I have a friend who finished Excelsior a few years ago and couldn't get into any online bachelor's program except Grand Canyon University. Here's hoping I don't have such troubles. I can probably handle Micro and A&P again.
  2. Medic6940

    How long did you study for the CPNE?

    The ATL review place is pretty nice, but I actually prefer Rob's Review. He is so good that Excelsior actually sued him. Lol (I know that was a copyright issue, not the actual viability of the content). Some do both sites. But the general consensus I've found is that the study guide Excelsior gives you is absolutely horrendous. I've been with Rob's site since November and he's been making things much more clear to me. You need at LEAST 2-3 months of CONSTANT studying to really nail this down. Some can do it in 1 month. If you can pull that off and be 110% (not just 100%) that you're ready, go for your date. I recommend putting your name for cancellations, they seem to come up a lot each month.
  3. So I'm due to take my Excelsior CPNE sometime this year (hoping to get called for a cancellation date, since the regular wait is a well-documented disaster. My concern is that when I complete Excelsior's Associate's program, I'm looking to go somewhere else for my Bachelor's. I have no desire to stay living in New York after I graduate with the super expensive taxes and cost of living. The state I'm looking to move too in the future (Maryland) does not accept Excelsior credits (which will probably force me to work in DC, which is a separate license and does accept EC). Excelsior offers you enrollment in their BSN program, but if the credits aren't going to do me any good (and with the ridiculous cost of their tuition), I'm not sure I want to do that. What other online schools will take them and allow me to go for my Bachelor's? Any advice is appreciated.

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