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Medic6940 has 1 years experience as a ASN and specializes in EMT-P, RN.

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  1. Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    Yes, I saw that. I'm in the process of endorsing into Washington, D.C. as well. Especially if Virginia re-instates the clinical hours requirement they used to have that they suspended for the pandemic. I see a lot of opportunities in D.C. and it's cl...
  2. Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    I had emailed the Maryland board directly and asked them that because I didn't want to take someone's word for it. The exact answer they gave me was as follows: "Good Afternoon If you receive your BSN at (Drexel and Louisville) you would b...
  3. Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    Gaithersburg/Germantown area.
  4. Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    I'm also working on the DC license. It cost more then VA's did but I'm still going to submit it after I get my background fingerprinting done
  5. Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    Yes, I did that. I got my Virginia license last week. I'm hoping that after I get my BSN, I can license in Maryland. I've been told by their BON that I can do that.
  6. Fastest & easiest RN-BSN program online?

    Updating. I chose University Of Louisville because it was quite inexpensive considering what school it is and the fact that I only need 2 Humanities courses besides the BSN courses. Starting in the fall this year. Excellent admissions staff that work...
  7. I'm a little concerned at the moment. I graduated Excelsior's program and finally got my NY license in March. I am already enrolled in my online RN to BSN at Louisville in the fall. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am planning to move from N...
  8. Fastest & easiest RN-BSN program online?

    I also know that Louisville does have a military discount. They drop the tuition down to $250/credit.
  9. Fastest & easiest RN-BSN program online?

    I am extensively and intensely looking for a good RN-BSN program that doesn't involve schools I've never heard of. I'm honestly not a fan of Western Governor's. I don't like the fact that it's competency-based and not graded. You end up with the equi...
  10. Fastest & easiest RN-BSN program online?

    It was reported a few days ago (and confirmed on their state board requirements page) that Excelsior College is voluntarily withdrawing their accreditation with the ACNE as of May 11, 2021. That is a huge blow to their program, which only seems to be...
  11. Liberty University RN-BSN

    I'm considering Liberty University's RN to BSN program. I recently graduated with my ADN and (most likely, nothing official) passed my NCLEX 2 days ago. I was attracted by the First Responder discount they have and they are relatively cheap compared ...
  12. Drexel RN to BSN

    Hi, guys. I finally completed the marathon stress test that is Excelsior College's ADN program. I'm looking to go right into my RN to BSN after my NCLEX (March 2nd) and I've got a few options. I was leaning towards either Drexel, Utica, Arizona ...
  13. Finishing Excelsior ADN Soon, BSN concerns

    Thank you. OK that makes me feel better. I have a friend who finished Excelsior a few years ago and couldn't get into any online bachelor's program except Grand Canyon University. Here's hoping I don't have such troubles. I can probably handle Micro ...
  14. How long did you study for the CPNE?

    The ATL review place is pretty nice, but I actually prefer Rob's Review. He is so good that Excelsior actually sued him. Lol (I know that was a copyright issue, not the actual viability of the content). Some do both sites. But the general consensus I...
  15. So I'm due to take my Excelsior CPNE sometime this year (hoping to get called for a cancellation date, since the regular wait is a well-documented disaster. My concern is that when I complete Excelsior's Associate's program, I'm looking to go somewhe...