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Kitkat191 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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    Banner Health New Grad RN 2020 West Valley

    Have a story that proves each of Banner’s values. They are simple behavioral questions. Values: Customer Obsessed Relentless Improvement Courageously Innovate Disciplined Focus Foster Accountability Continuously Earn Trust
  2. Kitkat191

    New Grad COVID

    I have declined the job after reading all the advice. I'm glad I reached out when my head wasn't listening to my gut. I was able to find a job elsewhere with an amazing orientation starting soon. Thank you everyone who responded.
  3. Kitkat191

    New Grad COVID

    Some advice on whether to take this job would be so awesome! I graduated and passed my NCLEX already. I interviewed for a CV PCU in AZ that changed over to a COVID PCU. During the interviewing process, I learned that I was on orientation for 3 months, but only guaranteed a preceptor for 1 month. They said they would increase times for me to make sure I'm safe but, "asking for a preceptor for 3 months is a lot to ask for a new grad that's too many resources to dedicate on one person." They then explained they offered one of the best orientations in the area(AZ), but I am well aware of many programs with at least 3 months with a preceptor. They are also offering no PTO, so if I catch COVID, they will furlough me so I can collect unemployment if it's longer-term. My old classmates already working there one in a PCU has a preceptor for 3 months, and the other in mother-baby has a preceptor for 1 month. I am not sure if I should just expect a longer preceptorship like my PCU classmate or be prepared to be thrown out on my own to early, possibly. I have been going back and forth on this opportunity jobs are so hard to find and maybe I am just being a baby. The experience skill-wise is going to be amazing. I just don't know if I feel safe with those possible conditions, and I would be moving back to a place where I really don't have many friends, and don't like the town. I still have another 2-5 months for my California license to come through (where I live now). Does this sound like a good/safe job for myself and my license to take?