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  1. KonaKana

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    Making a post for those applying for the ASU Spring 2019 cohort.. Applying for the second time. Retook my TEAS exam and my score lowered by 2%, so I'm using the score I used for the Fall 2018 application. My GPA boosted just slightly after finishing all my pre-reqs. Pretty bummed, but not too hopeful about getting in with a score of 1.729 :-( Good-luck to everyone applying! Mid-October is when they said they'll notify us.
  2. Anxiously awaiting :-( What are your guys' advancement scores? Mine was like a 1.729 so I'm not too hopeful on getting accepted since fall is the time with the most applicants (but hey you never know!!). Luckily they're taking in more students this semester because of Mayo clinic adding in another 30 seats. Are any of you current ASU students? I currently am attending but as a competitive applicant at the school. Im finishing up my patho & nutrition prereqs this semester along with my minor. I've got about 2 friends that didn't bother to apply for the application cycle and are waiting to apply for the spring semester cause it's not as competitive because of the amount of direct admit students that choose to start at that time.