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  1. I'm so happy you guys are finding out this early!! Congrats everyone!
  2. Yes I can't wait for orientation to get all our questions answered! My daughter was the same way! It's great they are rooting for us so hard! I keep telling myself we don't technically start classes/clinical until July so it's essentially a year! Lol
  3. Fast track people- Just emailed about the acceptance form and got a reply that there was no form and sorry for the inconvenience, you just reply back yes or no to the email.
  4. No breaks. I think the only 'break' we might get is this summer if it starts the way I'm understanding it does with us not really having classes in June. Then of course when the college is closed for winter break!
  5. Ok cool. I may just email them if they don't send it by end of day. Yes, I'm so excited, happy, grateful, all thee above! Lol I can't wait until next week to find out when we start and all that! No, I never got on the fb page. I have fb but barely on it. Did someone start one just for fast track?
  6. Congrats! I think we might just be taking those exams in May and then classes start in July. Not sure though. Did your email have the acceptance form attached? Mine does not.
  7. Thank you UniqueUserName! Biritah I'm not sure the specifics of the ins requirement I just know we have to have it. I can't remember if it was this thread or a different one but I did read something about a company that offers basic coverage for students at a decent price. I can ask next week at orientation if they don't already bring it up. Anyone else from fast track get their letters??
  8. Yes, last spring fast track found out a week before the reg track was suppose to but unfortunately the reg track found out a week late! The dates for letters last spring were, April 21st for fast track, reg track was suppose to find out April 28th, but got their emails may 5th. I'm so hoping you guys find out no later then end of next work week, April 27th!
  9. Yes, they did go out today! I was accepted to the fast track! I'm so thankful! We have orientation next week. Since we found out a little earlier then last year did I'm hopeful the reg track will find out no later than the 29th. Hang in there guys. I know it's such a hard wait!
  10. I think that would be really unprofessional for them to have us come to an orientation before knowing our acceptance. I think we will know before then. Staying positive!
  11. Awesome! Congrats! I hope we hear by Friday!
  12. Yea that's why I thought it was so strange. I was thinking, the ones that get accepted their email should say orientation is 'mandatory' not just "highly recommend" so they could have sent the orientation info with each applicants acceptance email, tailored to their type of acceptance. They are playing with our emotions! If we didn't get that email last week I'd have thought we would find out the 20th at the earliest. They need to tell us today!
  13. Plus, I was averaging how many applications they could get through a day and even if 45 applied to fast track, it's been 9 full business days, that's 5 applications a day. That's doable. They should know! Lol I think I'm going crazy because I had a vivid dream lastnight that I woke up to our acceptance emails and it felt so real! I need a life! Lol
  14. I'm giving it until the end of business day before I give up hope that we hear today! lol. I have not read on any other forums that they got an orientation email ahead of finding out their acceptance. I was thinking, why would they want the people who didn't get in at all to know when/where the orientation is! I sure would show up to it if I didn't get in like, "heyy, so are you going to let me in now!?" lol We technically start in May (got it clarified this week) so maybe they are trying to notify us sooner then last year. Last year they found out April 21st, but didn't have their orientation until May 4th and started May 15th. That's just under a 2 week time frame. If we have orientation April 24th, we should know today, if they want to give us the same time frame. Just under 2 weeks from acceptance emails to orientation date. If we don't hear anything today I feel it has to be next week because why would they have us go to orientation before finding out if we are in or not. That would be crazy. Praying end of day today!