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  1. Trauma221

    Nurse to Teacher

    My highschool science teacher was actually an ex- RN! She said there was "too much charting." Of course, I had no idea what that meant at the time. I say go for it. Maybe keep a PRN job on the side. The beauty of nursing is that you can always come back.
  2. Trauma221

    New Grad Job Offer... What do you think?

    I was just recently offered a job in the rural midwest. Pulmonary with hospital rounding and call (they couldn't tell me how much as its a new position.) I will be their first NP. They originally offered me 90k/yr + rvu bonuses with full benefits, a 3 year contract and 10k sign on bonus. 27 pto days and 3 CME days and $3,000 I told my recruiter I would like a shorter contract with $100K and more CME days and maybe a relocation bonus as well. They came back with a 2 year contract, $95k year 1 and $100k year 2 + rvu bonus. Same $10k sign on bonus, and still 3days/$3000 for CME. I happen to think this is pretty good considering most of my classmates are having trouble getting interviews. However, I Just don't think 3 CME days will be enough. They want an answer in 7 days. Would you re-counter offer for more CME days?