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    getting into icu

    Hi there! Started my nursing career in an ICU and now going on 2 years! My hospital specifically tries to hire internally from the other units before hiring outside RN’s, but every hospital is different. Congrats on your decision to move to the world of ICU Nursing! It’s really fun and fast and crazy but if anything I wish that I had a year or 2 of medsurg nursing before I did this because it would have made an easier transition but I could not be happier! Good luck!
  2. @fsuao2006 this is extremely helpful! Thank you so much! Do you know how many beds the ICU is? And is it a general ICU or is there a Surgical and a separate MICU?
  3. Hi all of my fellow RNs! This question is very specific to ICU RNs located in San Diego so not sure how much response I'll get but any information would be great! I'm not about 2 years into my career as an ICU RN here in NH and I've decided that I'm going to make the move to San Diego to be with one of my best friends (and get away from the winter for a while). I've noticed that there are a few large hospital systems down there including Scripps Mercy, Sharp, UCSD Med Center, and Kaiser. I'm wondering what kind of experiences you've had as an ICU nurse in these hospitals? Are any notorious for taking poor care of their nurses? Do any stand out above the rest? I'll be coming from a 16 bed general ICU in a Level 2 Trauma center where our staff is extremely close knit and the teamwork is absolutely unbelievable. I guess I'm hoping that I'll find similar dynamics in ICU's over in SD but any personal experiences would be great to hear about! Thanks in advance
  4. RK1212

    ICU Interview Questions?

    Also thank you to AceOfHearts! I'll definitely look up some situational questions and prepare some responses ahead of time. Hopefully one of my instructors or my preceptor will take some time to do a mock interview to see how well the responses flow!
  5. RK1212

    ICU Interview Questions?

    Thank you so much for the pointers Ruby Vee! The interview is this week so I'll keep all of this in mind :)
  6. RK1212

    ICU Interview Questions?

    Hi Everyone! I'm a college senior graduating in May and I just got an interview for the ICU that I currently am completing my Practicum at. I just wanted some tips/examples of questions that people have gotten during an interview with their ICU's?
  7. Hi everyone! I am a senior at UNH completing my Senior Practicum in an ICU. I've also had a semester prior to train for the ICU setting and already have my ACLS certification. The ICU I work in is hiring new grads and I have an interview 2 weeks from now! I've already met the Nurse Manager of the unit and the Nurse Educator was one of my professors, so I am not too nervous. I really want to be prepared for any questions they might have for me during the interview. Can anyone post some ICU Interview questions that they had either as a new grad or a current RN?