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  1. Finally! After 18 months of struggling with NYSED and CGFNS, I'm finally eligible to sit the NCLEX!! Now I do have a few questions going further. 1.) With a NY RN license, is that a state that will make it "easy" to endorse/transfer my licence to other states (excluding California, I know its a hard to get a license there). 2.) How do I go about studying for the NCLEX? I graduated my BSN program 1,5 year ago. 3.) When I receive my ATT-code so I can schedule my NCLEX, for how long is that code usable? like what's the time spectrum until I need to sit the NCLEX? 4.) What happens if I fail? 5.) When (if, lol) I pass the NCLEX does anyone have any recommendations moving forward with a recruiting company or so? Thanks you everyone :) !