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  1. Stuck at the interview step for EB3

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I had my interview and I'm moving to the US in august!
  2. RN BSN Sweden -> America

    Hows it going for you?
  3. EB3 VISA processes USA

    I did.. I'm just waiting for my interview at the embassy, after that I can go to the US and be admitted as a lawful permanent resident.
  4. Hi! So all of my documents has been ready and done at the NVC since beginning of April 2021. I'm just waiting to be scheduled for my interview at the embassy in Sweden so I can immigrate to the US. Originally it should take 2-3 months.. Here I am a...
  5. Delay in Visa interview (U.S London Embassy)

    Have you heard anything?
  6. English Proficiency

    Hi! So I've got my temporary license in the state where I'm offered a job. It last for 12 months. I've started the EB3-process. However, now I'm afraid that the temporary will expire until I arrive in the US. The reason why I didn't get a permanent r...
  7. EB3 VISA processes USA

    I wouldn't be comfortable sharing the employer this openly :). How come you ask?
  8. EB3 VISA processes USA

    I guess I have to look at that..! Because it’s insane how everyone is saying different things!
  9. EB3 VISA processes USA

    Okay I see what your saying. Then I just need to figure out if the lawyer tells me is true. Because the lawyer yelled me that all healthcare professional that has an accepted I-140 skip the line and get an interview right away.
  10. EB3 VISA processes USA

    My thoughts are likewise. I should have contract with the employer first hand. Althought both company and lawyer says its alright as long as both employee (me) and employer has a contract with the law-firm. From my own research regarding time-frame...
  11. EB3 VISA processes USA

    Right. So you’d say that what the first law firm says sound reasonable? 3-6 months before heading to the US and then 3-6 months after begin in the US to get my official green card? Also, may I ask? Maybe you don’t know but you sound very experienced ...
  12. EB3 VISA processes USA

    Hi! I’m from Sweden and I have a few questions about immigration and EB3 Visas. I’m a Swedish educated Registered Nurse, BSN. I’ve been working as a RN for the past 2,5 years in Sweden. I’m licensed to practice as a RN in the state of NY, and I h...
  13. Flying out to NYC for NCLEX

    I needed more documents and a SNN to apply to PA directly. Made more sense to apply to New york
  14. Flying out to NYC for NCLEX

    I did take the NCLEX and I'm now licensed in state of NY. Now I'm trying to endorse it to Pennsylvania which isn't the easiest without SSN and being out of the country to leave fingerprints etc...
  15. Finger prints for license

    I need to get a PA license. To get that I need to leave finger prints/ criminal background check. How do I go about to do this without being in America? ?