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  1. Baylor FastBacc 2019

    Hey, it's called "Baylor Fastbacc 2019"
  2. Baylor FastBacc 2019

    Congrats to everyone who was accepted! Best of luck to those applying and waiting on other responses. I received notice on Monday and just sent back my documents. Looking forward to meeting ya'll! Also, I know previous groups have set up a closed g...
  3. Baylor FastBacc 2019

    Hey ya'll, I had interviewed this previous Monday and they said that they were reviewing applications this week for everyone up to this point.
  4. Baylor FastBacc 2019

    I've studied a few ways.. 5-7 math problems a night from varied sources I bought a study guide and pulled those questions into a quizlet database Got a few practice exams and working 10 or so questions from the sections I struggle in Also I'm in micr...
  5. Baylor FastBacc 2019

    I take the Hesi in the next couple of weeks. Are you applying before Aug 15?
  6. Baylor FastBacc 2019

    Hey is anyone applying for the May 2019 Fast Bacc at Baylor? I'm taking the Hesi soon and the TEAS, for other programs I'm looking at. Just wanted to see who's all looking at applying. Best of Luck to Everyone!
  7. Baylor - FastBacc Price

    Hey jessica_91, I don't know if you've found your answer or not. I was just recently there on a tour and they provided a break down for each semester. Projected for 2019.., $22k/semester. Hope this helps and best of luck!