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    New BSN program at Herzing University-Kenosha & Brookfield?

    Does anyone have recent update on the program I went to look at the campus yesterday I am having doubts about the program
  2. Jsmn10

    I failed my school drug test. Am I finished forever?

    I failed my test at Bryant and Stratton I was in the lpn program in my first semester non clinical classes I withdrew myself from my classes I never was officially dismissed .. I am thinking about trying to re admit myself after talking to my adviser what are my chances of getting readmitted into the program
  3. Last semester I started at Bryant and Stratton in the LPN program initially I was going to take the teas again at the end of the semester .. I failed my drug test and withdrew myself from the school.. I don't smoke I ate a edible without knowledge of jr and it was in my system when I took my test .. I want to try return there for nursing I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there that's been through this with Bryant and stratton