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  1. mnm97

    CSU Stanislaus Spring 2020

    What number were you on the waitlist?
  2. mnm97

    CSU Stanislaus Spring 2020

    How many pts did you apply the first time? I think I’ll be applying with 88 pts for spring 2020. Not sure if it’s good enough
  3. mnm97

    CSU Stanislaus Spring 2020

    I took the course in 2014 so the rules must have changed then. Is this your first time applying? Also, what is your TEAS score if you don’t mind me asking?
  4. mnm97

    BSN in CA or ADN out of state?

    Hi guys, I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. I live in CA with my dad and stepmom. I'll be done with my last nursing prerequisite in Fall 2019, so I'll start applying to multiple nursing programs soon. I'm not sure if I should apply to CA nursing programs or move out of state to live with my mom and stepdad. I'm worried that if I live in CA then I will have to take out extra loans for school tuition and other bills. My dad and stepmom wants me to help them pay rent and other utilities. I honestly don't mind helping, but I'm also looking to be in LESS debt. The BSN program in CA costs $40k for 3 years. If I move out of state, then I'd still have to take out loans to pay for school tuition. However, out of state tuition is expensive! The school I plan to apply to is an ADN program. Out of state tuition costs $24k for one year. I'm not sure if tuition will lower once residency is proven in a year, but if it does lower then the second year of school will cost $6-9k. I do plan to bridge from ADN to BSN too. I told my mom about my concerns and she and my stepdad agreed that I don't have to pay any bills. They just want me to focus in school and told me to work part time so I can pay my debt. 1. Would it be a better option to stay in CA or move out of state? 2. If I do move out of state, would it be hard to come back to CA? 3. Will I be in less debt if I move out state?
  5. Hello, it's been a month since I started working as a part-time CNA and I now want to quit due to school. I want to tell my supervisor that I'll be putting in my 2 weeks notice, but I'm scared to tell her because she might be mad at me. I feel really bad for wanting to quit and I feel obligated to stay because I haven't worked long enough. I don't know how to approach her either. Is it wrong of me to quit my job because of school? I know some people can manage school and work, but I tried it and can't do it My questions are: 1. How should I approach her? 2. Do I need to explain why I'm leaving suddenly in my resignation letter? 3. If my last scheduled shift is June 15th and I'm not scheduled to work two weeks after the 15th, will my last day of work be June 29th whether I'm scheduled or not?