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  1. TWU Fall 2018 Nursing Applicants

    Wait...clinicals aren't during the week? I put no for both sat and sun lol
  2. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    For those denying, are you only sending the last page to them?
  3. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    I got into TWU Houston so even tho I paid to reserve my spot at UIW I won't be attending and will decline my offer if I get into UTHSC.
  4. TWU Fall 2018 Nursing Applicants

    42.16 no bumps for Houston. Probably the lowest admitted score lol. 84 on teas, 3.84 math and science, and 3.34 overall. Did my first two years at A&M in cstat.
  5. TWU Fall 2018 Nursing Applicants

    I got into the Houston campus! I paid for uiw already but now I'm unsure of what to do...