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  1. guest218

    I feel like giving up

    So ive been an ER nurse for 3 yrs and that was all outside US. I stopped working for a yr due to transition from Asia to US. Then I got a job as an ED nurse in a busy ER. Ive been working there for almost 2 months and 1 wk. Im off orientation next week. It is so weird because the management kept on changing their info at first they said I will be on training for 12-16 weeks, but they changed it to 8 wks.I feel like I need more time for training but management thinks I dont. I am so overwhelmed with everything in this new job because . Environment, culture, people, policies, patients, responsibilities, ways of documenting, machines, just everything is new to me. I cry most of the time going home because I have one preceptor who is into micromanaging me and making me feel I'm dumb (good thing is I only dealt with that person 6 times).I am always nervous going to work and always feel not going to work. I know I should love my job because this a job most of the people outside US wishes to have. But I just dont feel it. Because all of these, I got sick and my body just gave up so now I am in the process of needing surgery. I feel like I should just apply for a doctors office job. But my problem is if I apply to them should I put in I worked almost 2 months 1 wk in ED here in US or not? Will they accept me because I dont have enough US experience yet or should I just hold on and keep going with this job? I feel so lost. I felt like choosing this hospital was a mistake. I chose this hospital because the people I shadowed were nice to me, but then when I started working they already resigned. I do not know what to do.
  2. guest218

    Should I renew my license?

    Hi everyone! I have a question about renewing license. I took the NCLEX in Ohio and passed last November 2018, and I endorsed my license here in Maryland. So I am a nurse both in Ohio and Maryland. I am currently working here in MD. Ohio board of nursing just emailed me that I need to renew my Ohio license before October. My question is if I wont renew my Ohio license will it affect my Maryland RN license? Thanks!
  3. I am a new nurse in US and I already have experience of 3 yrs in asia. But the practice in US vs my home country is so different almost in all ways. I am in my 1 month orientation, and it sucks because my preceptor is expecting I know everything and would just leave me alone most of the time. This really makes me want to just leave and go to another hospital because I am always thinking I might end up making a mistake. Everytime I go to work I always feel anxious and sad because I feel like I am just not good. This makes me feel like a very incompetent nurse and I am scared one day I might do something wrong and makes me lose my license. During the orientation opening the hospital mentioned "it is not good to have a Union blah blah..." But my husband suggest I should. I live in Maryland. I want to know if this something every nurse should do. Sorry for my long post. I am just overwhelmed, anxious, cry baby in this new job in a new country.
  4. guest218

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    Hello! I did not start again from the start. CGFNS only asked for my high school diploma.
  5. I know nurses have 3 shifts-am, midshift, night. I want to know if youre assigned in a shift, how many weeks will you work on that shift? I am a new US nurse, but I ve been working as ED nurse in the Philippines for 3 years. Our 8hours shifts there changes every 15 days which was crazy, crazy x100. Crazy like after your night shift, you will have one day off then after that go to an am shift. (That was my least favorite shift transition ahha) But I survived. I will start working next month. I will have 3 months training. But I am soo scared. I want to know what should I do to prepare myself. I stopped working for a year because I focused on my immigration papers here in the US and also studied and took the NCLEX plus transferring to another state because hubby was relocated. So, I need guidance and advices on what to do to prepare myself. Thanks!
  6. guest218

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    Hello! I never provided any certificate of employment in CGFNS reevaluation. I just provided them my previous employment info. But in the hospital I got hired, the background check agency asked for my certificate of employment. So keep those stuff with you.
  7. guest218

    Can You Reapply After Rejecting A Job Offer?

    I picked the Catholic Hospital. I accepted the offer as an ED nurse. Both hospital offered me as an ED nurse but I chose the one where I felt comfortable and met friendly people. I made some friends immediately in there unlike the other one. I like working in an environment where people are welcoming and friendly.
  8. I have 2 job offers as an ED nurse in a hospital. I have decided to go to the one which I think best fit for me. My question is, once I decline the job offer, will I be blacklisted in their system and I can not anymore apply to them in the future? I decided to call the HR today in that hospital and explain to her why I am declining the offer. It was a really tough decision.
  9. guest218

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    I am a foreign nurse from the Philippines. I am already RN licensed in Ohio, and I am trying to get endorsed in Maryland as a nurse. So it means, I already worked with CGFNS for CES professional report before for Ohio BON. But they required me to do the RE-EVALUATION for CES report. So I did apply again to them, and I also applied to get a temporary license as RN in MD. I started applying in CGFNS January 1st, 2019. They accepeted all of my documents, the only document added was my HS diploma. My problem now is my temporary license will expire next month, I already have 2 job offers but they wont hire me not unless my license will be extended or not unless I have the permanent license. The only lacking requirement I need is from CGFNS so MBON can start giving me my permanent RN license. I have called CGFNS multiple times, they told me first that my situation will not take 12 weeks because it is only a re-evaluation, and that it will be really just easy. And then I called again on the 10th week because they still did not review it, and they told me now it will take 12 weeks. I emailed them on the 11th week and they told me it will now take more than 12 weeks! Can you believe how they keep on changing their info? They told me to keep on checking their website because maybe I will a slot for the expedite option, Since January I never saw that option. I am willing to pay for it but I just do not have the option on my account. I am so in a hurry for this because MBON told me they can not extend my temporary license nor can I reapply for it. I do not want to loose the job offers. And I searched online, I found who is the chief executive of CGFNS and I have his email address, has anyone in here emailed him about your CGFNS application? I feel so helpless here, like it is so unfair they are doing this to international nurses. Hospitals are in need of nurses, but this company is holding us back in getting a job.
  10. guest218

    What to do?

    One hospital is offering 29 per hour. I do not know if this is a decent pay though. Lol. I am still waiting for the other hospital's offer Thanks!
  11. guest218

    What to do?

    Update: I got hired in the 2 hospitals. One hospital offred a low starting salary. I am still waiting for the other one's offer.
  12. guest218

    What to do?

    So I was really shocked because I got an interview from one hospital and was given an opportunity to shadow someone. But I do not know yet if I was really hired or not because I was not able to talk to the nurse manager after shadowing. And when I had my interview in hospital A, I got invited for an interview in hospital B. I applied for ED nurse position in both hospitals. My problem right now is, should I mention to hospital A once they call me that I have an interview this week with hospital B? Should I just give up the hospital B opportunity? Or give it a try and see which hospital will work for me? The nurse I shadowed was nice. I like her so much. I learned a lot from her. I am really confused here. So I need guidance. Anyone knows which one is better?
  13. guest218

    Applying for job info

    So I got a phone call from Adventist hospital for an interview next week and shadowing thing in the ER! I have been crying for days because I thought it is forever goodbye emergency room. I was already telling my husband I might just work as a cashier or janitor. Lol. I received phone calls from hospitals and they declined my applications because I do not have US emergency room experience.It really made me so sad and depressed. But today Adventist called me. This is a miracle. What do you think are the possible questions during an interview for emergency room nurse? The person I talked to said the chief nurse, nurse director will be there during the 30 minute interview? What should I perpare? What do I need to prepare during job shadowing? I am so elated and happy. Thank you all guys for the positive words.
  14. guest218

    Anyone knows about ADN healthcare?

    Thank you!
  15. guest218

    Anyone knows about ADN healthcare?

    I got a call from them. And they asked me about jobs im interested in. I want to know how they work, and if I have to pay them once I get a job from them. How much would it cost? Anyone who has worked with them? Any reviews? Thanks!