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  1. didiabu

    Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    Thank you! I wish I knew that you all can help me with my resume and cover letter! I had an interview in Adventist and shadowed a ED nurse. Things went great, I felt like they are trying to say I am hired or something but never confirmed it. After I shadowed the nurse I left and was not able to talk to the nurse manager if I got hired. But it was all great, I just didn't like the night shift offer because it is a non rotating shift. Anyway, on the day of my interview at Adventist I got an invitation to be interviewed in Holy Cross. So I do not know now.
  2. didiabu

    What to do?

    So I was really shocked because I got an interview from one hospital and was given an opportunity to shadow someone. But I do not know yet if I was really hired or not because I was not able to talk to the nurse manager after shadowing. And when I had my interview in hospital A, I got invited for an interview in hospital B. I applied for ED nurse position in both hospitals. My problem right now is, should I mention to hospital A once they call me that I have an interview this week with hospital B? Should I just give up the hospital B opportunity? Or give it a try and see which hospital will work for me? The nurse I shadowed was nice. I like her so much. I learned a lot from her. I am really confused here. So I need guidance. Anyone knows which one is better?
  3. Hi! I have an upcoming interview this Monday for Adventist Hospital ED. I will do shadowing too after the interview which is pretty new to me because I thought after the interview they will ask you to shadow after a few days, only if you pass the interview. Anyone can give me an advice on how to make a good impression to them during my interview? I really want to start my US nursing career with Adventist. Thank you!
  4. didiabu

    Johns Hopkins Nurse Residents 2019

    Hi! Can you give me an advice on how to get accepted in the nurse residency program in JHH? I am not a new grad, but I am a new USRN. I already have nursing experience for 3 years outside US but I want to start in a residency program here in the US. Do you think they will accept nurses with experience? I live in MD.
  5. As mentioned before, I am a foreign nurse from the Philippines with 3 years experience in ED. But it has been a year since I have not worked in the hospital since I arrived here in the US last year. I spent the year and couple of months in transitioning my visa to greencard which took 7 months, and then after that spent my time studying for the NCLEX in Ohioand then transferring to Maryland because husband was relocated. I have been applying for jobs here in MD. I got phone calls but when they knew my situation that I never had a US ED experience, they declined me. It hurts my heart but I understand. I am losing hope, I dont think I will work as an ED nurse here in the US. So I want to know now, which area in the hospital should I start? Which area can help me easily transfer to ED after a year or two of experience there? Is Nurse Residency a good thing? Any advice? Thank you!
  6. didiabu

    Anyone knows about ADN healthcare?

    I got a call from them. And they asked me about jobs im interested in. I want to know how they work, and if I have to pay them once I get a job from them. How much would it cost? Anyone who has worked with them? Any reviews? Thanks!
  7. didiabu

    Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    I guess it really depend on what hospital it is. But good job in being recruited to work in the ER!
  8. didiabu

    Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    Yeah, I love working in the ED. My 3 yrs in the ED way back in the Philippines was really fun and challenging. I just wish I can get a job there, but it seems impossible because of my situation. Congratulations for being in the ED!
  9. didiabu

    Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    I spent my 1.5 yrs in waiting for my greencard application to be approved here in the US. And also spent my time studying for the NCLEx. So far I only read books about emergency room procedures and cases. Ill just pray for a miracle then to be hired in the ED. Thank you!
  10. I have sister in law who used to be a hiring manager in a hospital. I asked some help from her to do some corrections on my resume and she did. But I had some questions because she told me working in the ED as a nurse is so competitive. And it will be difficult for me to be hired as an ED nurse because it has been a year and a half I worked in the department. Moreover, because I am a foreign nurse. This really hurt my heart. But I understand because it took me so long to apply for a job. So my questions are, why is it so competitive to get a job as a ED nurse? And do I really have a low chance of getting hired in ED because of my aituation? Thanks!
  11. didiabu

    Green card holder nurses

    I am already a green-card holder here in the US with authorization to work. I have applied to 2 hospitals online and haven't heard from them yet. I applied six days ago. Is my status as a foreign nurse is making them stop in interviewing me? I have 3 yrs experience in the emergency room, as a staff nurse and charge nurse (1.5 yrs). I have all the certifications like BLs, ACLS, PALS. Is this one of the factor why no one has contacted me yet?
  12. didiabu

    Best Hospital to work as ER nurse Maryland

    Someone told me it is not safe there.
  13. Hi! I just passed NCLEX in Ohio. I worked as an emergency room charge nurse in the Philippines for almost 3 yrs. I'm processing the endorsement as an RN in Maryland, I need an advice as to which hospital is good for new nurses here in the US. I am trying to avoid Baltimore, MD though. Your inputs are highly appreciated.
  14. didiabu

    NCLEX RN quick result

    I just took the exam today and finished at 2pm with 75 questions. I did the quick result immediately after the exam and it gave me the good pop up. I did it again at 6pm, 9pm, 10pm all are good pop ups. I put the correct info in registering and put a valid cc. So does this mean I passed? Or will I get a chance of getting an email in 2 days that I failed? And that the quick result was not legit? I need some guidance. Thank you!
  15. didiabu


    Thank you! I wish i can bring my lucky necklace.