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Proud husband of a second-career, med-tele, relief charge RN

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MD married to RN has 30 years experience and specializes in EM.

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  1. New Grad Med Error in ED

    Just for clarification, did you hang D5W and a separate 20 meq K rider OR was the bag pre-mixed? If it was all premixed in one bag and you calculated the drops to give over roughly an hour, you are good. I wish more nurses knew how to hang meds witho...
  2. Transition to ER from med surg

    Last year we hired a surgical floor nurse to work in our ED. She is doing very well. She is academically curious, works hard, and was feeling stagnant after 5+ years on a surgical floor. The certs are not too hard. If you are willing to work, e...
  3. Benadryl and Inapsine

    From the literature: Richards 2011 Droperidol for Chronic Pain JEM.pdf ( Cole 2020 The Incidence of QT Prolongation and Torsades des Pointes in Patients Receiving Droperidol in an Urban Emergency Department Search either ...
  4. Is earwax removal an emergency?

    Everyone of the items listed could be an emergency: overdue ear irrigation--mom assumed this was why child wasn't hearing so good when in reality the child had mastoiditis and was rushed to surgery bedbug bites from a sleepover--Lyme's, ce...
  5. Using Your Nursing Credentials to Validate Anti-Vaxxer Theories

    I would like to add opiates for the treatment of chronic pain. Providers were compelled to take mandatory education emphasizing how providers under treat pain. One only needs to Google "Fentanyl" and "FDA approval" to see what the medical community t...
  6. 1600 mile transfer for bed

    I work in a semi rural hospital in CA as an EM Physician. Transfers of greater than 100 miles are common, happening about once every three of my shifts. In normal times, hospitals are operating at near capacity. With the pandemic, hospitals are full...
  7. Pushed by quacks, use of Ivermectin is poisoning people

    For those of you interested in how Ivermectin might work, I refer you to this article in Nature: Humans should, of course, avoid medications formulated for animals.
  8. Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital

    Re: Gary Mendoza's comments. I agree that a small but significant percentage of nurses are leaving their practice because they feel forced to get vaccinated. They were there during the first two surges caring for everyone and being called 'heroes.' N...
  9. Venomous Snake Bites: Here's What To Do | Knowledge is Power

    Contrary to popular belief, the bite of a baby rattlesnake is almost always far less serious than the bite of a larger adult rattlesnake.
  10. New Nurse Making Mistakes

    From the OP's post, there as an absolute gem hidden within: "I was working an extra shift, and at the very end of the shift..." EM professionals, be they nurse, app, or doctor can often set themselves up for failure with scheduling. EM sc...
  11. Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Accepted as fact! I think working on a busy med/surg, tele, or SNF unit is among the most challenging of nursing practices. Respect to all y'all nurses working hard everywhere and acting as the backbone of our healthcare system.
  12. Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Sort of. First are listed the Advanced Practice Specialties, then critical care, then all others. My point is critical care specialties may be practiced with an ADN & RN yet this site 'ranks' them above the other disciplines.
  13. Are there any nurses that actually LIKE nursing?

    My wife loves her practiced and is very excited to go to work most shifts.
  14. Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Totally, agree with the "glamorize" part of this quote. Even this site, which aim to treat ALLNURSES fairly, does it. Under the specialties link on the home page, the advanced degree practices are listed first, which makes sense. But then the 'critic...
  15. Urgent Care Experiences

    I am curious too. I may be interested in opening an UCC or o/w transtioning from ED to UCC. All you UCC nurses, please comment.