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  1. sunshineee

    Pre-Nursing student, A&P2, and discouragement

    totally agree with Mergirlc! Ask questions!! I was that student that sat in front and asked questions and when I didn't understand something the teacher could tell and asked me if I understood or if I wanted her to repeat something. I was also an older student (10 years older at least). Sometimes the teacher would laugh at me when I asked very basic questions (a lot of students didn't like her and were scared to ask questions), but I didn't care because i'd rather ask it now then answer wrong on an exam. My goal was to get a good grade and by the end of the semester I think the teacher actually liked me because she knew I was trying hard. I ended up getting an A, which she only gave a few.
  2. sunshineee

    Straight A students..

    Just to give you a little background about me.. I have a non-science bachelor in political science. I took each science classes individually because I was working full time. I don't have any kids but had a lot on my plate (my husband is in the military). This is the breakdown of all the prerequisites and grades I got: General Bio: A (I had to take this before being able to take A&P) Human Anatomy: A Human Physiology: A Nutrition: A Human Development: A Statistics: A I am still in the process of taking Microbiology and Gen Chemistry. It is possible to get good grades while caring for a baby or working full time. I had to take one every semester which put me back from applying to nursing school, but I think it is worth it because my grades were not affected at all by my lifestyle. I suggest not thinking so much about how long it will take to finish the prerequisites but to take your time because these are important classes and like others have said they are a foundation that you will build on once you are accepted into nursing school. I especially liked Human Anatomy. It was tough but I made it through it. My Anatomy teacher even told us that she failed the class the first time she took it and she still managed to get graduate degrees.
  3. sunshineee

    B in human physiology

    I only took 1 a semester because of my full time job
  4. sunshineee

    B in human physiology

    Thank you! I tried my best with a full time job it is hard to keep up with a class. I did get A in human anatomy, A in nutrition, A in development psych. Hopefully I'll get an A in micro and just have one B
  5. sunshineee

    B in human physiology

    Thanks!!! Luckily I'm not applying in nursing schools in California! It's super competitive with 200-300 applicants but only 30 spots.
  6. sunshineee

    B in human physiology

    I am planning to apply to nursing school and I wanted to know my odds of getting into nursing school with a B in human physiology. I got an A in Human Anatomy last semester. As the semester is going right now, I think I am probably going to end up with a B in Human Physiology. I am very close to an A in the class but I really think I am going to end up with a B. I would have to get 90s in my last lecture exam and lab, so I am not getting my hopes up. I still have to take Microbiology next semester...
  7. sunshineee

    No Proctored Exams A&P Online

    I am going to do microbiology and chemistry through John Hopkins, only because it's a reputable university. A&P was very challenging in person when I took it last semester at a community college. I can't imagine doing that online.
  8. sunshineee

    Failed anatomy...are there other options

    I agree. I worked in the real world (corporate) for about 5 years and I knew I had to make changes and go to a different career path. I am older now (28) but I wish I got my life together earlier and just stop being scared of taking all these science classes. It's a lot of work, but its doable. don't give up!
  9. alot of people who did A&P and micro together ended up dropping one. It's doable but it just depends on your home/work situation. I have a family and I am working full time so for me it would be too much. Its up to you and how good you are with studying.
  10. sunshineee


    at my community college, they are taken separately. I preferred taking them separately as they are hard classes. but thats just me.
  11. sunshineee

    Failed anatomy...are there other options

    just retake it. This time try to get an A, since its your second time taking it. Study day and night, and weekends. I did poorly on my first exam because I had poor study habits, but still ended up with an A, even with a full time job. You can do it! Human anatomy is a hard course, but it is a prerequisite for a reason. It is a foundation course for nursing school. Stop worrying about how competitive it is, just take the course again. My prof told us that even if one school doesn't accept you, eventually another would. Just do better next time. Good luck!
  12. sunshineee

    Preparing for A&P

    I agree you should start learning the bones and muscles. There are so many! A&P are really hard courses. I ended up with an A in human anatomy, but I studied day and night, even on weekends and I had a full time job! I would watch youtube videos, Khan academy and I also got flash cards from amazon. They were really helpful. Be prepared to study a lot!
  13. sunshineee

    Online nursing prerequisites

    Have any one of you taken some of the prerequisites online and successfully got into an accelerated nursing program? I completed Human Anatomy in person and it was very hard, but still ended up getting an A. I couldn't imagine doing that one online. I am taking physiology in the fall. However, my husband got his new orders and we are moving to Japan in January. I figured I would take the rest of my prerequisites online. I would have Chemistry and Microbiology left. there are only a few schools I have my eye on when we are back in the US, mostly on the east coast. I know that many schools do not accept science classes online, but from what I heard this mostly applies to schools on the west coast (california specifically). I am 28 and by the time we will be back I will be 31, so I don't want to waste time at all. I would just have to apply to schools that will accept the credits then. I have taken Anatomy, Nutrition, Human Development, Gen Biology and got all As. I do think I have the potential to be a good nursing student. I heard John Hopkins offers these courses online but its a bit costly, so I was wondering if I have any other options....
  14. sunshineee

    dropping human anatomy with a W

    Hi, Sorry for the late update! I ended up staying in the class even though I was super tired every single day (due to working full time). I did bad on the first practical (I got a 67) but ended up getting in the high 90s in all my other exams. The muscle part of the course was my favorite and I did the best in that unit. My final grade was an A (92%). I believe I freaked out because there was so much that we needed to learn and study. Our prof didn't really give us any direction on what we should study so I just ended up studying everything. After going through this class, I realized how much I had to study and stay focused. I literally studied every day, including weekends. Quizlet did help a lot but I also got flashcards from amazon. I am taking Physiology next semester. I know that's a hard one, but I think I am prepared. thanks everyone for your feedback!
  15. sunshineee

    Pre-requisites with P/NP grade

    Is it possible to take a human anatomy class with a Pass/No Pass grade, instead of a normal letter grade? I know a lot of community colleges offer this... A Pass grade is basically a grade C or better and it shows as P on your transcript. Im inquiring with the nursing school I want to attend if they accept that. im sure that you can't use that for all the prerequisites but just wondering for human anatomy as I am not sure I will be able to make a B in the class.. a P grade would make it easier and less stressful to think about it. C is more manageable for me at this point.