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  1. Hello everyone, I am in the RN-BSN program and potentially at the very end of it next eight weeks. I have three classes left - an elective (BUSN115 because I want to get my feet wet in that field) along with the two aforementioned classes: NR 443 (Community Health Nursing) and NR 451 (Capstone). Would it be overkill to take these classes together? For reference I'm single and childless so time shouldn't be an issue, but obviously no one wants to lose their mind taking too much at once. I really don't think that the business class will be much of a challenge at all but that kind of thinking might come back to bite me! How are the two nursing classes? Are they about the same as the others in the program or even more demanding? Hopefully they're just the same old "make a discussion post with a few small projects" stuff that the other classes have been. Thank you so much if anyone has any advice on these questions. It'll be so great to finish up this BSN and move on to the future!
  2. Applied for endorsement with the temporary license three and a half weeks ago and haven't heard a thing. I called once but they weren't much help on the phone either. trying to move closer to home to take care of a sick relative but I can't just up and leave without a job lined up lol. Well it isn't funny but it's either laugh or be mad I suppose.
  3. Hello, There's no real reason to delve into my sob story here, but I recently found out my dad has lung cancer which he just hasn't talked about to any of my brothers or me, I guess that's just a dad thing to do... Anyway when I got my license I left to go to a big city about eight hours from home, which was just silly dream-chasing in it's own right. I've been thinking about moving to St Louis which isn't even an hour from home, and now that dad is so sick it's been all I can think about. The problem is that I just started my first nursing job maybe 6 or 7 weeks ago, if that. The company I work for wants you to have six months in, but I don't know if I can stand that long wait, especially with how long the drive is just to visit home. I haven't even given much thought on how to break this to my manager as I haven't done much job hunting or getting my license transferred, and obviously I need to have a new job lined up before I do anything. I was just wondering if anyone has had something similar happen to them and would have advice. There's so much I need to think about even outside of the job like finding a sublet for my apartment and finding a new apartment, seeing exactly where I should live and how far from dad that'd put me, etc. But compared to how I think I'd feel if something happened while I was so far away, none of that feels like a big deal if I can just pull it off.
  4. I found a thread regarding the program but it's a few years old so I figured I could make a new one. I'm currently stuck between IWU and Chamberlain for my BSN. The issue is that IWU works with the community college where I'm finishing up my ADN and I would only have to take their core nursing classes. I also can pre-register which would look good for my resume, I'm sure. Chamberlain, on the other hand, is Chamberlain. I wouldn't mind giving that a shot either. So my question is, does anyone here go to or already went to IWU for their online RN-BSN program? How is it? I intend to contact Chamberlain to see if they offer any sort of pre-registration and of course I'll apply and send my transcripts. I just would like opinions on IWU as they're hard to find. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I'm in my last semester of my ADN program and am thinking about the opportunities available to me and what I should do after May. I currently work at an SSM hospital in southern Illinois and I would like to move back down south - so OK City or Tulsa seems like a good fit, preferably the former. Does anyone here work there and have any advice regarding transferring from one SSM to another? I see that a BSN is preferred but not required; I intend to pursue either my BSN or MSN after I get settled with the move and new job, would that help my chances or does it not really matter unless you actually have the BSN? I do intend to speak with my director of course, but I only ever work on weekends and am busy with school most of her weekday hours so that'll probably wait until Spring Break. Just looking for any advice. Thanks, awintt94