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  1. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Debt as a Grad student

    I am currently a graduate student in a 3 year track AGNP program (2 years left to completion). I work a per diem postion, and teach clinicals as well (during the school year). This fall I start my clinical rotations but will still work as much as possible. Although my program is fairly inexpensive I am finding it difficult to finance. I had incurred some student loans in my BSN program and now have added to that debt. My debt is at 47k at this point. My youngest child will start college in the fall, and she will receive little financial aid, so much of my income will be going towards her educational expenses. Any suggestions, or comments are welcome, I don't see options but to continue on this path of -loans and more loans to finish my education!
  2. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Hi and good luck! My interview was a group interview via zoom, there was no test.
  3. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Hi Cece! Most of the lecture portions are online, minus 2 or 3 times for on campus visits. The clinical portion of the program is local to your area, you secure preceptors. The programs challenging at times but is manageable!
  4. T__BSN_AGNP21

    I want to quit during orientation...

    Keep us posted ! Best wishes!
  5. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Accepting verbal orders from another nurse?

    Good job protecting that well earned RN license!
  6. T__BSN_AGNP21

    HELP WITH STATS PROJECT (poll)-please.

    24 oz. per day
  7. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook ANP Summer 2018

    Hi there! I haven't started one yet, I was hoping to find out how many would be interested. I would like to exchange information as well!
  8. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook ANP Summer 2018

    Hello, I thought I would start a separate thread for ANP SBU students (since I hijacked the FNP for a long time!) I would love to contact with you and start an FB group for us as well! Hope to see you all very soon! Less than a month away from orientation!
  9. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Thanks, Clkz! I was incorrect in the local colleges' findings preceptors and clinical placements-they do not. So I am reassured that my decision to attend SBU is the best choice! My orientation date is 4/16, will anyone else be there?
  10. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    I have a question for those doing either the FNP or ANP online program, are you concerned about clinical placements? I have two additional choices for my ANP, both local to me, very expensive compared to SBU, but offer clinical placements. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  11. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Macann, I hope so too!
  12. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Did you get in?!
  13. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    I was accepted for the ANP program!!
  14. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Nothing yet
  15. T__BSN_AGNP21

    Want to be a nurse but I am really bad academically

    Hi Rais! Let me tell you a story about myself, dropped out of high school in 12th grade, I could not even pass basic algebra, went on to obtain my GED, took some remedial math at my local community college, went on to receive my LPN, after that took a long break-went back to community college and graduated with my ADN-immediately went on to an RN-BSN program-I have now been applying to grad school. I never thought I could achieve any of this, but I have! It can be done, start the ball rolling!