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  1. yesrun

    Night Shifters - Hobbies?

    Hey there, I'm new to the nightshift and I decided to make my sleep schedule as consistent as possible, so on my nights off I'm staying up until about 3-4 am and sleeping until 1-2 pm (I work 6-6 and sleep from 7 am to about 1-2 pm after worknights). With that said, my wife is in bed by 10 and I have 5-6 hours by myself and I AM SO BORED. I need a viable nighttime hobby. I usually like being outdoors or exercising, but not after midnight. I'm tired of watching Grey's Anatomy and farting around on my computer. What do you folks do to keep yourselves entertained on your off time in the middle of the night? I'm dying for something interesting, I'm curious as to what other people in my situation are doing. Thanks for sharing:) A
  2. yesrun

    Boston College 2020 CRNA Applicants

    Hey everyone! I'm a new grad and I'm hoping to go to BC or NEU. Congrats to those who got in!! Would some of you mind sharing your stats? I'm confident I'll get in but I'd like to know how I stack up. Congrats again!
  3. yesrun

    CRNA applicant - am I missing anything?

    Thanks for the input! Why do you suggest three years? Just curious
  4. yesrun

    Job Offer During Capstone

    Hey all, So here's my situation, starting with some background about what I want: I take the NCLEX (and hopefully pass) in June, and will officially graduate in August (DEMN program). I would like to pursue CRNA school in the future, which means I would like to get into an ICU pretty soon after graduation. My capstone is on a stepdown unit which I happen to love and would be more than happy to start my career there before moving to an ICU. So here's the dilemma. The manager pulled me aside yesterday and told me that they would be willing to hold a position for me if I was interested. I was psyched! The only problem is that the only position they have available to hold is per diem... Now the thing is I absolutely love this hospital. It's walking distance from home, has a great CVICU that I would love to transition to, the people there are great, etc. The problem is I have $60,000+ in student loans, a mortgage, two car payments, and I will be responsible for providing benefits like health insurance to my wife and I. I need a full time job, but I also don't want to pass up a sure thing, especially since the sure thing is at the place I love. I know full time opportunities at this hospital could present themselves after I start per diem and I would have an advantage to attain those positions, but that's not guaranteed to happen. I want to take this job, but I don't know if I should. I don't want to burn bridges saying no, but I don't wan to pass up a sure opportunity. I know I could apply for full time positions elsewhere, but who's to say I'll even get them? WHAT DO I DO? I know none of you can give me the perfect answer - I'm really just looking for a little advice from outside people. Maybe some of you have gone through something similar. Thanks for any help you can give! A
  5. yesrun

    Evidence Base Research Shows...

    Just one or two things? How hard could a PhD be?

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