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  1. Heparin Flush

    yes they have. central ports I believe they still use the heparin right before the access is discontinued. Its been a while, but I remember using the heparin before taking the hubber needle out????
  2. South Florida Hospitals

    Where in Florida? Memorial Hospitals, Baptist, Orlando Regional, Jackson, I can Not speak for the hospital I work in. You might want to try an agency for only sought Florida that way you can judge for yourself. Food Luck
  3. ER registered nurse

    For anyone reading this that may be able to answer. I live in south Florida (Miami), yes crazy Miami. I've been a nurse for 7 years (a change from the legal field) and am getting up there in years already. I consider myself very good at starting I...
  4. PICC Line Dressing change

    Absolutely Wuzzie, that's what I meant, away from the insertion but towards the needle. I worded it wrong. Thanks for your patience.
  5. PICC Line Dressing change

    I don't know what to tell people here. All videos I checked (I am now doubting myself) is exactly how I was trained. Remove old dressing in the direction of the line is going. See below...I even asked by director for the floor I work at.
  6. PICC Line Dressing change

    If you say so. All you prove is that you have a lot of time on your hands to spend posting. You must've pulled out quite a few.
  7. PICC Line Dressing change

  8. PICC Line Dressing change

    Look it up dude
  9. Can I Quit Without Notice?

    You need to finish that shift so they can not state you abandoned your tour. then put in your resignation letter effective immediately.
  10. Central Lines in Burn Patients

    Sterile, Sterile, Sterile, anything on a burn patient is done in a sterile environment.
  11. Peripheral Vasopressor Administration - Considering Catheter Gauge

    Yes but a central line is usually done by the doctor and through the chest wall to SVC and picc are peripherally inserted.
  12. Confused about blood drawing from a hand that has an IV line?

    You Have to flush, draw back 3 to 5 mls (depending on age of patient) , waste the draw, then draw again for the test, and flush and cap.
  13. It is possible that the PICC line itself actually has an infection, doctor may want to insert another picc itself in a different site and culture the tip of the old picc line.
  14. PICC Line Dressing change

    Insertion sit, Hold line with sterile glove and pull slowly away from insertion site in the direction the line is going. sorry site
  15. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    LPN classes, try Miami Lakes Tech Off of NW 57 Ave and Miami Lakes Drive