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  1. Hello All, Wondering if anyone can offer input regarding the best/quickest online review course for RNs who graduated over five years ago? I'm applying for licensure by examination to Minnesota (Canadian RN), and they require a review course as part of the application process. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, Wondering what everyone's thoughts are re: this scenario...patient is being discharged, physician writes an order for patient to be discharged with a dose of whatever opioid they were on (p.o.)--for example, "discharge patient with 1800 dose of 30mg p.o. morphine". I refuse to do this, as if that opioid gets into the wrong hands, or is taken a different route, for example (I could think of many possible scenarios), isn't my license on the line? Thoughts?
  3. ceegee69

    Palm Desert Winter Nursing?

    Hey Everyone, Canadian RN here, I'm planning on spending November-April in Palm Desert (and working in Palm Desert during that time) as the winters in B.C. are wet and grey. Question: does anyone have any experience doing this, and if so, did you sign up with a travel nurse agency, or just apply directly to a hospital (or clinic etc.)? I have ten years of experience working on med/surg and oncology in a hospital setting. Thanks in advance for any advice or information!