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  1. Annehle

    UTHealth Nursing Houston Summer 2020

    OMG CONGRATS! 🙂 was this your first time applying? I also applied and had similar scores but my application was denied sadly. Could I ask you what electives you took to full-fill that requirement? and if its okay if you're still taking classes this semester. I'm wondering if there was anything wrong with my transcript that could have affect it or future applications. I took extra classes that maybe pass for for electives. No one seems to reply to me from UThealth LOL
  2. Hey guys I applied to the pacesetter program for Summer 2020 and FALL 2020. I've done all the pre-reqs but the only thing I am confused about is the electives. The form and statement they provided is so broad. I took some extra classes I didn't need such as Trigonometry and Biology I, do you guys think those would count as electives? they also said they wouldn't do any pre-req evaluations after receiving applications. I have emailed and called many times to no response (many many times before the COVID outbreak like 5 months ago). If anyone who has applied in the past lmk! I attached some documents from their website. "** Elective requirement: Nursing, remedial and physical education courses are not acceptable to fulfill this requirement. This is a guide only. The student is responsible for verifying program requirements" - from site Like verify where? with who? the advisors from lonestar don't know and anyone from UT health's admissions department don't reply or "know" either 😞
  3. Hello! as i am still figuring out things on my own here, I still have a lot of questions. I have done most of my associate basics such as STAT, Psychology, intro to chem, etc. Do I keep taking the rest of the basics even after I get into the nursing program? I know they only require API and ENGL 1 before applying so 1. what happens to the rest of the classes. do I continue finishing my basics and get the associates of science? Sorry I know this is a stupid question I really have no one to ask. 2. All I need to take in API this summer and my HESI. Then I plan on applying for the basic track program for spring 2019. Does a B in English matter? should I retake it this summer as well? 3. Do they look at volunteer hours? as of right now I don't have any that is credential.
  4. Hello Everyone! I really need a guide to choosing the best path for me. I currently go to lone-star community college in Houston, Texas and I am SO LOST. I have spoke to many different advisors and they are no help at all, i even took classes that i did not need because of them. Many friends have told me it is cheaper to take my associate classes and complete the lonestar RN program, then become an RN so i can work as a RN while completing my BSN. I thought that was my only option but someone told me today I can still do a straight BSN program after I transfer to a university? I would prefer to do a straight BSN program, I just want to get through with it, I feel like I would be more stressed working and taking longer to complete my bachelors at the same time. Please give me any insight, I have no idea how to look up and see the requirements for the nursing universities in Houston. I wish I could ask someone at lone-star but all they do is send me away. T_T

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