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Hey guys I applied to the pacesetter program for Summer 2020 and FALL 2020. I've done all the pre-reqs but the only thing I am confused about is the electives. The form and statement they provided is so broad. I took some extra classes I didn't need such as Trigonometry and Biology I, do you guys think those would count as electives? they also said they wouldn't do any pre-req evaluations after receiving applications. I have emailed and called many times to no response (many many times before the COVID outbreak like 5 months ago). If anyone who has applied in the past lmk! I attached some documents from their website.

"** Elective requirement: Nursing, remedial and physical education courses are not acceptable to fulfill this requirement. This is a guide only. The student is responsible for verifying program requirements" - from site

Like verify where? with who? the advisors from lonestar don't know and anyone from UT health's admissions department don't reply or "know" either 😞