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Tewani has 2 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med Surgical.

Mom of 4 boys and a new nurse!

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  1. I hear both Broward General and Memorial are eager to hire New grads.
  2. Tewani

    Memorial Healthcare Residency Nov. 2021

    Hi guys, who was accepted in the program can you share your experience now?? Thank you
  3. Tewani

    Miami Baptist Health Nurse Residency, 2022

    Hi, I just interviewed for the residency program here in Boca Raton. I got the email that states that they have moved on with another candidate. It was the orthopedics floor.
  4. Tewani

    Bullying at Baptist Hospital of Miami

    Sounds like a very overwhelming situation. Are you able to transfer to another floor? Are you able to go to the appropriate chain of command?
  5. Tewani

    Residency Program

    Hello, as a new graduate nurse in Fort Lauderdale. I’ll like to hear what do you believe would be a great hospital to commit the 24 months. 1. Baptist Hospital 2. HCA Hospital Florida (Tamarac,Davie, Plantation, Margate) 3. Broward...
  6. Tewani

    New Nurse Graduate

    Only opportunities for a new nurse with no RN experience is to accept an offer in any of the hospitals. Stay there for the 24 months commitment. What if you don’t like the way things are going during the training with preceptor and the unit? Now you ...
  7. Tewani

    Pre-nursing student

    Any recommendations on the best community college for the RN Program in Fort Lauderdale FL??