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  1. (David)

    CSUS Sacramento State Spring 2019

    I got in as well with 74 points. There is a good chance I will not accept as I have been accepted elsewhere as well. Good luck to everyone who got in and who are on the waitlist. Because they were so late with decisions, those towards the top of the waitlist should not despair. Some folks who get in will have already committed elsewhere. Best of luck all!
  2. (David)

    SFSU BSN Spring 2019

    I also received it. I believe they are all conditional acceptances as long as you meet the listed criteria by Fall '18 and accept Nursing and University admission, etc. Congrats to all of you who got in! Those who haven't, they still may be sending out notices in waves, so don't lose hope!
  3. (David)

    SFSU BSN Sp19 App

    Yes that's the verbiage they decided to use. I would imagine because some of those receiving the letter have current courses that need to be completed in order to be fully accepted without conditions. I think it can be viewed as a conditional offer of admission to the BSN program as long as you complete the list of items they supplied. Congrats!!
  4. (David)

    SFSU BSN Sp19 App

    I just got an email of acceptance to their BSN Program. Anyone else? Check your e-mail!
  5. Congrats Whooopyyy! You're as good as in! I'm happy for you but sorry for the stress you endured this past week!
  6. (David)

    Should I retake the TEAS?

    Where are you applying in CA? With the schools I applied to (BSN only) in the SF Bay Area, I wouldn't settle for anything less than about a 90-92 - the higher the better. It really depends on how competitive it is in your area. Most BSN schools in the Bay Area have many hundreds of applicants each semester so the higher score is needed. However, elsewhere I have heard an 84% is enough. Best thing is to look on the schools' websites and/or call them to ask for the average TEAS score from previous accepted classes. Good luck!
  7. (David)

    Getting in with a W?

    I agree with PartyTheNightAway. I would take a W over a C (or even perhaps a B depending on how competitive programs are where you're applying). Best of luck!
  8. It sounds like most if not all are in the same position. I believe the University was holding off until the Nursing Program accepted their applicants. I imagine most people will see the University acceptance in the near future since the RN program has chided their qualified applicants. Those not chosen for RN program still might be offered admission into an alternate major.
  9. I hope a mistake was made and you get a spot! I don't know that the TEAS score works that way for the point breakdown. I don't know how CSUEB calculates it, but if you look up the Sac State RN program, they have a breakdown of how TEAS points are calculated and it made sense to me when I saw it. I'm sorry you have to wait until Monday to find anything out.
  10. 4.0, TEAS 94.7, and paid healthcare experience. Did you apply to CSUEB this time around?
  11. Little_bibliophile - Awesome handle! I hope your love for books now includes those of the nursing style too! Congrats on improving your stats and getting in! That's awesome :-)
  12. Futurerninthemakin - I'm sorry, that link should have worked. Try searching on FB for CSUEB Nursing Concord class of 2021. I can also send an invite if you shoot me your email address. Congrats on getting in!!
  13. I live about 10 minutes away! Living so far from the highways, the Concord campus is beyond ideal.
  14. Congrats jpaul510! Good suggestion about FB. Everyone please feel free to join and add me on FB too! I think we'll all get to know each other pretty well over the next 2 1/2 years! Hopefully most people have FB and it can be a hub where we can chat, ask/answer questions and give each other support! fb.me/CSUEB2021RN -David
  15. Where is your first choice?