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  1. I was wondering if someone with an Associates could start working overseas? Would their education level stop them from working at certain hospitals in Europe, Asia and/or South America?
  2. ASN/ADN do not get hired in Georgia??

    A friend of mine says that ADN/ASN do not get a lot of job opportunities in Georgia, is this true? I am in the process of getting ADN and I wanted to do it to start working sooner at any hospital in Atlanta. Georgia State has this RN to MSN program f...
  3. ADN in GA any good for a male?

    Im a currently a student at community college and was wonder if a ADN is good enough to work a career as an ER nurse. I eventually wanna become a Trauma Nurse and work in a level 1 Trauma Center without a BSN. Is that even possible? Is a BSN required...