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    Is this even Legal?

  2. 3.24.95

    Ripe for Exploitation

    I worked nights at a prison hospital's palliative care unit. Shift ended at 6:30 so I never saw the providers. late Apr, 2018: I filled out a "note to Dr form" about a stage 1 on Mr Jone's sacrum. I changed the font to bold on the report sheet. I filled out a "note to Dr form" about the stage one, that was now a 2. I offered to assist CNAs in repositioning him. They refused. I did it myself, even after we rotated carts. I "voiced grave concern" to my supervisor, she suggested bringing it to day supervisor's attention. I did and she agreed...it was very concerning and something needed to be done. FINALLY!! 3 days off...stage 3! And day shift sup agreed with Dr..."it wasn't as bad as I was making it out to be" After confronting a CNA in a slightly more aggressive (venomous) & louder (or as loud as you can be through clenched teeth) manner, than my usual, I was unofficially booted to another unit and the CNAs were "spoken to." I filled in for a call-out on that unit, and called the ER -- despite the fact that "it's just something we don't do" -- begging for any provider to assess Mr Jones. They did, and they agreed. He said he'd do his best to catch Mr Jones Dr. mid-July 2018: Mr Jones died from a toxic cesspool of MRSA, where his sacrum used to be. It was the first time my persistence and tenacity failed me, and the most disheartening day of my nursing career. All I remember about the 45 minute drive home was the nearly unbearable & depressing, feeling of defeat.
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    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    Your assumptions lead me to believe I would fall within your "generalization." Except you would be wrong. Only after 2 years of hellish emotional abuse, at the hands of my ex-husband, did I realize the compassion I'd always possessed, but was under-utilizing. I can't take much credit, as doing the exact opposite of my abuser became a habit. And yes, I speak up for others, whether it be a patient, fellow nurse or the janitor. I've always been a good & caring nurse, now I experience genuine joy in helping the disadvantaged, those unable to help themselves and less able than others.
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    I am struggling to find a balance, where I can practice as the diligent nurse I am, following policy/protocol, vs becoming the enemy. If I hear “we’ve always done it this way” one more time, I think I’ll have a coronary! I am not a “yes (wo)man” and I don’t do things based on archaic and dogmatic thinking. The whole cold weather/air conditioning causes colds myth makes me want to cry. I very recently oriented with a nurse that firmly stated trach changes were “clean procedures.” She rolled her eyes as I was doing my best to maintain a “sterile field” and laughed out loud, literally, when I confirmed that she’d take out old trach, on my count of 3. Her confusion re how to “sterilize” a Bivona was the scariest part. She’d been soaking them in H2O2, letting it air dry, and “packaging” it with no date, no #of times used...nothing. No wonder a wicked “cold” had been traveling from nurse to family member, and vice versa, for weeks. I had to call out, my 1st solo shift, because I caught the dag-nab thing! Clinical managers can’t complete the tasks expected of them, so “snitching” on someone will get you super unpopular, in a real hurry. Real-life, honest and genuine responses, based on experience, education, etc are most welcome & appreciated.