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  1. I'm starting this forum to help gain information on SLCC's RN program and those applying this semester, Spring '18. Anyone have some insight on the program and what stats you should have to get in? I'm applying with a 3.75 GPA, licenced in a healthcare related field, previously earned a healthcare related bachelors degree last May, a 87 TEAS score, all prereqs transferred but no prereqs taken at SLCC. Hope to hear from others! :)
  2. Murse_19

    Baton Rouge Community College Spring 18

    Hey littlebit_ you seem to have a lot of knowledge on this program. So I have already turned in my application and scheduled to take the HESI in march. I'm applying with a 3.55 GPA and I have a bachelors degree I earned last year in a health related field. I'm also currently licenced and working in a healthcare related field, an ER. I started studying for the HESI recently and have taken practice test, and if all goes well I hope to score in the high 80's to low 90's. The only problem is I didn't take any of my prereqs at BRCC. Do you think I still stand a good chance at getting in with my stats? Thanks! :)