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I'm starting this forum to help gain information on SLCC's RN program and those applying this semester, Spring '18.

Anyone have some insight on the program and what stats you should have to get in?

I'm applying with a 3.75 GPA, licenced in a healthcare related field, previously earned a healthcare related bachelors degree last May, a 87 TEAS score, all prereqs transferred but no prereqs taken at SLCC.

Hope to hear from others! :)



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Hello, I am also applying to the program this Spring. I am applying with a 3.5 GPA, LPN, all prereqs taken at SLCC, and taking the TEAS in 2 weeks. Your GPA and TEAS score is awesome!!! Im really nervous about applying being that only 40 are accepted



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I am also applying this semester.I am also a LPN. I tried last semester with an 80 on my teas test and a 3.5 gpa and didn't get in due to "not enough space" in the program. I am trying again with the same gpa and test scores with partial classes taken at Slcc. Good luck to everyone!!

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Did you get accepted @Murse19