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  1. My facility is in the process of upgrading our scheduler from a program called VSS pro to Kronos. We had the time clocks installed a year or so ago and now we are training on working in the scheduler and doing payroll. I am one of the administrators...
  2. My facility is reviewing our Rapid Assessment / Response Team warning signs. We have noticed here lately that the Rapid Assessment overhead call goes from the RAT to a Code Blue therefore we are reviewing our policy and educating the staff. I wanted...
  3. Unit Director Position - Questions

    I told her I was interested but that was before I knew it was going to be a Renal unit. I asked to discuss the plans for the new unit with her and told her I might be interested in the position based on the plans. She told me to meet with her tomorr...
  4. Unit Director Position - Questions

    I am currently in the role of a night shift Clinical Director position. I am going to talk with my CNO / director tomorrow about a position as a unit director for a renal floor that our facility is going to open up in the summer. I am unsure what ty...