Kronos Upgrade at my facility. Pros / Cons?


My facility is in the process of upgrading our scheduler from a program called VSS pro to Kronos. We had the time clocks installed a year or so ago and now we are training on working in the scheduler and doing payroll.

I am one of the administrators / Super users for my facility. I have not yet gained full access to the Kronos Test app so I am limited on what all I can do in it to learn and click around. I should be getting more access hopefully this week.

I would like to know if your facility uses Kronos and the scheduler along with some pros and cons. Also things I need to pay more attention too when assisting in the training process.



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I've used kronos in the past and liked it. Before that I was working with an excel sheet to manage the schedule. I liked being able to enter a 2 week schedule and it just repeated forever. I liked when people were able to use their ID numbers to clock in/out. If someone forgot their ID for some reason there is still no excuse for them clocking in late. I use to get the I couldn't find my badge or I left it in the car so I was here for report but couldn't clock in and ran out to get it.... However, We once had a little scandal where people were clocking in for each other using the ID's and were not even working on the schedule and ended up getting paid. They only got caught when one person got greedy and had himself working 80 hours one particular week...

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We use Kronos and it is really easy to use! I love it. Kronos does allow mobile clocking in but we have banned it.