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  1. Nurse Management

    To ask too many questions(a good thing), to be peer trained forever (Not really an issue), and to quit in a year to do something they think they will like (where I get frustrated). I am a psych NM so I'm always willing to give a new grad a try especi...
  2. Kronos Upgrade at my facility. Pros / Cons?

    I've used kronos in the past and liked it. Before that I was working with an excel sheet to manage the schedule. I liked being able to enter a 2 week schedule and it just repeated forever. I liked when people were able to use their ID numbers to ...
  3. Would you find this annoying?

    If She is replying to your emails you are good! If I'm annoyed, not interested or bothered by that type of behavior I drop the email or text. There is no reason for me to respond to an email.
  4. Policies and Procedures

    I'm currently in a position that provides an incredible amount of autonomy. I'm a nurse manager with a facility that provides single shift coverage. We are growing and due to the growth I will be doubling my staff at a projected rate of q2 years. ...