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  1. Parrhesia

    Moving provinces right after finishing school?

    I am a recent graduate. I did my BScN in Quebec and relocated back home to BC right after. Try applying for the new grad programs within the health authorities. You might have to send lots of resumes before actually hearing back. Lower mainland tends to be more saturated, but there are definitely opportunities out there. However, Northern Health is always looking for new grads nurses. I applied to as many places as possible and got some interview offers after 1-1.5 months after submitting my applications and resume. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions. All the best!
  2. Parrhesia

    RN doing MPH

    Hello, I am currently one year into practice in a community / Indigenous health setting up north and I'm hoping to do a MPH next fall. Are there Canadian nurses here who's doing a MPH and wouldn't mind sharing their experiences on their respective programs? Also interested in knowing what UofA's online program is like? For some schools, they have different streams, such as global health, health promotion, epidemiology...etc. Which one is more recommended for nurses? Thank you!
  3. Parrhesia

    2 bachelors degrees?

    Community health nursing is one great option. You get to be in schools, people's homes, do public health works, STI teachings, harm reduction, pre/post - natal visits, health promotion projects...etc!