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  1. DayWall

    Montefiore School of Nursing Spring 2020

    Thanks for all the information
  2. DayWall

    Concordia College NY ABSN Fall 2019

    Hey Guys! Congrats to all, in your decision to further your education and entering the nursing field. Some of you reached out to me, I am a former Concordia student. Must say my experience there was the worst. However, I am here just to let you know to keep your options open, dont make the same mistake I made and go with the school that have least prerequisites or accepted you first or just because it is a Lutheran school. Keep in mind that because it is a Lutheran school you will be taking 3 religious courses. While you cramp up courses like Fundamentals, Med surg 1, 2 and 3 (7 weeks each). You will have to take Sprituality for a full semester (approx. 14 weeks). The other two courses are during the summer though. I was talking with a student that is still in the program, and he was telling me about his disappointment because the school claims they have over 40 clinical sites. And he went to the same nursing home for his fundamentals and med surg 1 clinicals. And I thought I should share this with prospective students. One more thing, I went to to Concordia in Fall 2018 and a professor resigned the first day of class. And this semester Spring 2019 another good professor resigned. Students failing and complaining and professors resigning... there must be something. When I decided not to return to the program. I told myself I will tell others about my experience. I would love for every current or former student from every nursing school to share detail information about their experience. It is our valuable time and money invested, and we would not get that back. Yes, in case you do not know. When you leave one nursing school your options to enroll another program are limited and not only that you will have to retake all the nursing courses. Best of luck guys, I hope your experience is 100% better than mines and over 50% of my cohort. If any questions, I am here to help.
  3. DayWall

    Dominican College ABSN May 2017

    Hi everybody can anybody share their experience in the program. Or any student that enroll the May 2018 cohort. Thanks