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  1. 135pipe

    Johns Hopkins BSN-DNP Fall 2020

    I applied for the acute care np program
  2. 135pipe

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    I graduated from UT Austin nursing amazing school, well renamed institution, and amazing city in everyway, but it's in Texas so be wary of ignorance. Austin sucks for nursing pay, but that degree willl take you places. Now I am at Sloan Kettering.
  3. 135pipe

    NYU Fall 2018 New Grad Nurse Residency

    I got an offer for a surgical floor I was supposed to interview for oncology but they messed up. I am just going to stick with Sloan for my offer
  4. 135pipe

    NYU Fall 2018 New Grad Nurse Residency

    I just passed my exam as well waiting on setting up the in person interviews,, I had the phone screen in December but was told to follow up after I got my license
  5. 135pipe

    NYU hiring process

    They are a magnet hospital, so bsn they don’t take associate
  6. 135pipe

    FNP whitout RN experience??

    Highly recommend floor experience I used to think like you, but trust me experience and patience will be reward fun in being an excellent and proficient NP.